RE: Start Dunbrack... How do you like me now?

Hmmmm... let's see. Late last week I posted a topic about starting Roger Dunbrack and about how he could help the defence. There were not many reply posts and out of that few, some that were quite negative. Those posters seemed to be saying that those of us who thought Roger should play were wrong or didn't know about football.

Well, I wonder if Coach Taffee was reading this forum board because he started Dunbrack this past game and the D-line had it's best game of the year. And why was that you might ask? Well, if you look at the game film, in about 9/10 plays the Calgary O-line had to focus on the rush from Dunbrack by double-teaming him (and not only when the cats were in a 3 man front as some posters would have you beleive). This took the focus away from the end spots and allowed McKay and Keith more room to push the attack. The result, 4 sacks. Also, the double team opened up the middle seams for linebackers and blitzers to have a free shot at the back field. The result there was a VERY limited running attack of a very gifted Reynolds. On the few plays that Roger was one-on-one he could be seen bull-rushing his man back into the face of Calgary's QB, forcing off-ballance and rushed passes.

Great game Roger, and many more I hope. Some of us knew your talents and knew you could have an impact dispite what others were saying. We were right, but we don't like to brag...

I agree 100%. Roger's veteran presence really gave a boost to the defence as a whole last night. I just hope they leave him there.

I was one of those who thought RD was sub-par. I;m VERY happy to eat my words.

I was at the game but I didn't notice him much.

Roger is a Stud Got love the Old Vet Dlineman

Didn't you see his fumble recovery??

I was one of those who said that Roger quite impressed me last season and that I would like to see him back in there. He played a great game and actually looks like he's trimmed down quite a bit. It's great to see our D stand out like that.

8) With his many years in the league playing for Toronto and Ottawa before Hamilton, he is a well experienced veteran in the CFL. He undoubtedly brings a calming effect to the other D lineman, and considering the way the DL played last night, starting him was one of the best moves the coaches have made all year !!!! There now is your experienced tackle on the line !!!!

To borehamgirl: No I didn't see him recover a fumble. Most of the time fumble recoveries are big pileups and it's hard to see who falls on it. But now that you mentioned it I do think I remember him coming out of a pile with the ball.

But things I noticed more were the sacks by #55 Keith and interceptions and Zeke Moreno. I like watching that guy. Defensive tackles are kind of hard to notice unless they completely dominate their man and push him right into the backfield; and that's what I meant by I didn't really notice him. His play didn't jump out at me like the sacks from Keith.

I'm not saying he didn't have a good game, but I don't think it was as dominating as most people are making it out to be.