RE: Staints in trouble!


That's what I thought. :slight_smile:

I started to wonder what you were talking about when you spelled "staints" no less that three times.

To me it doesn't matter if they move, but I think it's wrong if the team is making a profit. If they are losing money, then fine, but if it's because another city temporarily is offering a better stadium lease that will give the owner a few extra dollars for the next ten years, then I'm against it.

I have to ask ...

WTF are you talking about??

The Freach community
Who are they? :wink:

This is the craziest football analysis I've seen. Everyone have a good week-end. :lol:

Spell check be damned!

Lets just assume Staints means Saints ... and Freach means French ... Cumminity means Community ... Bristh means British ... Hundreads means Hundreds ... Decented means decended ... macth means match ...
All assumptions aside - You still don't make any goddamn sense!!

I only have one question ... How the hell did you mess up every 3rd word ... but still managed to spell Quebec and exhibition correctly?? Mind boggling.


I just did, for two reasons: (1) so whoever did it first won't feel lonely; and (2) because I don't care.

Are there actually exhibition games between the NFL and CFL? I've never heard of that before... Anyway, Montreal already played games against the descendants of Acadians back when Shevreport had a team (although actually people from Quebec aren't "Acadians"...Acadians are from Acadia and the French from Quebec were never kicked out of their colony)

Edit: I doubt they'll end up moving the Saints.. there isn't really anywhere to move them to.

The NFL has seen more franchises shift from city to city than any other major sport in the last 20 years ! The Saints moving would be nothing. The Raiders have moved twice. Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis. Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore. LA Rams moved to St. Louis. St. Louis Cardinals moved to Phoenix. The league cannot stop owners who decide to move for more money.

First off all NFL is all about the dollars, if there is a way to make more regardless of a strong fan base the Saints will move just ask St. Louis, Baltimore, Houston and Los Angeles. As for The Als ever playing the Saints I haven't a clue where that came from! Like they would ever play an exhibition match! CFL nad the NFL haven't played since the early sixities and I don't see the leagues ever doing that again. There certainly isn't a demand from Americans to play a Canadian league the ratings for such an event really wouldn't be worth it, I think Canadians think about that scenario more.

Dude - you are seriously smoking some far better pot than me ... What NFL franchise would take their multi-multi-million dollar players and put them up against out $40,000/yr car salesmen / football players ??? This idea is just assinine for more reasons than I am able to list ...

it will NEVER happen ... (ever)

(and for the record - the CFL teams would get absolutely destroyed - in every aspect of the game ... maybe there was a time where the leagues athletes were comparable ... but not anymore)


KK if the English language and Canadian History were a quarterback they just took a sh -- Kicking. :shock:

Of course I'm referring to your original post. :wink:

it would be good but whose rules would we use. 3 or 4 downs, missed feild goals fair catches or 5 yards away

what is the nfl????.....and who are the staints?

move the team................NO is a dump the population has been going down for the last three decades........or so I have been you really think the middle and upper class people of New Orleans are going back??????............after watching some of the police looting...........and the rapes and murders and the looting.............people are not going back not the ones with surport those people

KK has been smoking our bumper aggriculture crops again... He's wishful thinking!

The Saints are playing the Giants this week in New Jersey, but it's being considered a home game for them, even thought it's at the Giant's home stadium