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I do not wish to add to Rogers’ bottom line, even slightly. As I live on (beautiful) Hamilton Mountain, I have until recently enjoyed the fine services of Mountain Cablevision (I am in their territory). A few years ago they sold to Shaw. Everything was going along swimmingly until this year when Shaw sold to the evil empire.

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I’ve considered my options, which are either Bell Fibe (which won’t be available for a year at my address - if I can believe their website), Bell Satellite and Shaw Satellite. I was wondering though, if anyone else had any suggestions? An antenna, although cheap, is really not any option as TSN is not available over the air - NO CFL.

As I have said I really don’t want to use Rogers, so suggestions of any other workable (relatively cheap) options would be welcome.

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I am in the same boat so to speak.
If you live South of Limeridge Rd (I don`t) you can go with Source Cable they are located on Upper Wellington just South of Hester.
P.S. Rogers and Bell are Evil Twins :smiley:

Yeah, I guess I can always move (not sure how The Wife feels about that though). :wink:

And yes, Rogers and Bell are Evil Twins as well. Perhaps Bell might be just a little better though, as they are not out to kill the CFL. :smiley:

Perhaps Shaw Satellite might be the only reasonable - non-evil - option? Any other suggestions?

I'm going to stick with Rogers and give them a try. See how it works and test them out and if it doesn't then I'll look at other options.

I've been using Bell satellite for years and have been very happy with it, but at this point it probably makes sense to wait for Fibe before trying out the Bell services.

What does this have to do with the TiCats or the CFL?

He needs a tv package to watch the CFL and the Cats.
He doesn't want to stay with Rogers because they are anti CFL.

I hope this answered all your questions.

so what kind of car should I buy to drive to the game?


A Tiger Car? :lol: :lol:

I don't live in Hamilton , but I had Starchoice (Shaw now) for years after having cable , I loved my satellite TV , when I moved I continued to have satellite then changed back to cable when I bundled everthing to-gether . I regret doing that now and have been considering going back to satellite (Bell, Shaw , it does not matter) I think if you went to satellite you would love it fibre or otherwise.

Here's what I am doing in Brantford...
I have two HD antennas on the roof attached to a 10' pole attached to my chimney (gas fireplace insert / no heat). One points to the CN Tower, the other towards Buffalo. I get all the major networks except Fox. Even CHCH, all in stunning HD and better picture than satellite or cable because the signal is uncompressed.
As for TSN, I own an Apple TV. You can mirror anything from an iPhone to an Apple TV. I have 10 hours of streaming video on my cell plan through Virgin per month for an additional cost of $5. TSN is one of the available channels, so I mirror TSN from my phone to my Apple TV which is connected to my TV. Great picture, no issues.
Check this web site for more lots more info. This is where I picked up my gear. There are lots of places that offer good advice and product.
Just Google search "ota antenna". ota stands for over the air.
The other alternative that is completely free for all television is XBMC (
Anything you want to watch except no CFL. Only shown on ESPN3 and NBC Sports which are both unavailable without a US cable subscription.
Hope this helps.

Cable companies are a dying breed: watching via internet is growing more and more. Thanks al Gore!!

What I could end up doing is eventually cancelling cable and subscribing for $10 a month to Bell sports mobile package. I have a Playbook and am able to watch (not same night but doesn't matter) via WiFi programs like Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Discovery programs etc. with a simple HDMI - microHDMI from the Playbook to the TV, basically its plug and play so I would do the same from the PB with the Bell sports package. It's HD (if program is in HD) and mirrors what is on the PB almost exactly to the TV. But right now bundling home phone, internet and basic cable is pretty good deal through Shaw, get TSN in HD and Sportsnet and Sportsnet1.

I hate Rogers. But they are sponsors to (atleast) the Stamps. So I'll only hate them and not boycott them-I have Cogeco :smiley:

Indeed they do:

I am very surprised by this. Perhaps I needn’t make any changes? :smiley: