RE: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Simple solution, buy the team and run it however you see fit. Can't afford it? ....Shut your gob. Simple.

Stox, I come by my handle honestly an its hardly a Johnny come lately thing. In fact my conversion took place prior to the birth of many of the posters on this board. Your personal attacks a foundless and actually quite amusing. If you had a clue you slink off in shame


Stox is really full of himself isn’t he?

I think this one was his best yet.

US NFL buddies?

That's your authority for a reference regarding a CFL opinion?

And you talk of CFL come latelys? That's hilarious!

I agree completely - why anyone thinks this forum would be better off without this Stox character and his creative writing meltdowns is beyond me. Got home last night from a long day at the office and almost choked on my dinner chuckling at his latest missive.

I was so inspired, I tried to change my user name to JohnnyComeLatelyPartyGoerLemmingSince72 but the forum wouldn't take it. Too long. So then I tried JohnnyComeLatelySince72 - wouldn't take that either.

Any ideas, Stox.

That last two games has the offence gaining 832 yards. Nothing wrong in the game plan.

It's all a matter of execution by the players. Less penalties and recievers that step it up should start some scoring.

It's only four games in. This brand new team with a brand new coaching staff and system has 14 more games to play this season, and by most media accounts the Cat's played quite well against BC which augers well.

Things are not doom and gloom. They're moving in the right direction.

re-dun-dant: adj. unnecessarily repetitive or superfluous// stox

I still think stox is a blue team fan coming on here just to rattle the cage and get a couple cheap laughs. If you listen to Coast to Coast AM, he reminds me of the caller JC.

Huzzah! Big fan of Stox myself.

Sure, he’s a little gruff, but his central points (anemic offence, Desjardins’ inexperience, etc.) are at least legitimate, which is more than one can say for many other contributors. And, after three years of unprecedented loss, Stox’s frustration is certainly understandable, if not always eloquent.

Furthermore, it was “Bob the Caretaker” that gave special dispensation to “rant away” after the home-opener debacle, which I believe was the event that gave birth to Stox. So, in a way, Stox is Bob’s child, a kind of “Caretaker’s Monster,” if you will. So, dissing the Caretaker’s Monster is like dissing Mr. Young himself (in a convoluted sort of way) - ironically, the very crime that has led so many to call Stox out.

I think Stox is Bob's doppleganger.

Fact Check: The open rant session was supposed to be for three days.

"Keeping Them Honest," brought to you by Ockham.

You're in the Situation Room.

Or maybe it's a Captain Kirk/antimatter Captain Kirk type of deal.


Ya, looks just like Bob, save for a goatee and waist sash.

:lol: Pure gold!

LOL!! Can someone photoshop this, maybe add side-arms and an array of medals too?

I wouldn't want to be a colonist on Vega IX if we lose to Winnipeg this week.

wish I could photoshop

Oh my.
Such brilliance. Such eloquence.
It's pure poetry.
And from all places, section 26!
I sit in section 26!
Mr. Stox, if you would be so kind, next game would you please stand up during the first commercial and introduce yourself to the entire section. I'm sure we'd all like to applaud your literary prowess.

Now if you'd excuse me, I need to go check if my tomatoes are ripe.

Well, you often threaten to "off" yourself, several people would like to see new characters like Vampires and Ninjas, and I expected you to cast blame on the new logo by now.

Oh, and the American concept of free speech was born in the eighteenth century and no, it's not absolute.

Plus, I thought your generation was raised with proper manners and respect for others.

Come on, you are in Section 26 and you don't know me. What are you doing - sleeping through the games?

But, then again, I don't blame you. There is not much here to stay awake for!