RE: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Dickerson never once lined up in the backfield.. Radlien should have been used on 3rd down but Dickerson was lined up at Tightend (his actualy position)

He's taking Radlein's spot period. What a waste of a position. We don't need a tight end to block for either Lumsden or Holmes.

My point is bring back our proven fullback who has blocked for a 1000 yard rusher several times before (Troy Davis) so why he is benched now?

There is something very wrong with this offensive game plan (what's new) which is my main point and one of the key reasons why we continue to lose lose lose lose this year!

Well Stox, you have certainly topped all your prior posts with that doozy. While others on this blog think you are crazy, I can only give you credit for your mastery with the pen.

Good. Now I can successfully ignore every thread you start.

The best strategy is to ignore him. It's not worth the key strokes debating someone as insignificant as him.

I'm not gonna debate you on this one Stox, but I do have one question. What's with the nickname Marcel the Parcel, I don't really get it.

i say we gotta keep getting lumsden and holmes the ball

and barelly ever throw and only throw on 2nd and longs

lumsden was a beast last night and holmes has the ability to be an incredible player and we all no that from wat he did in saskatchewan

Totally agree with you, jordan02, but your logical suggestion seems just a little too far fetched apparently for the current Brain Dead Trust in charge right now! I wonder what would happen if they would just follow your simple suggestion???


I was trying to think when was the last really competitive football team we had in Hamilton since our last great Grey Cup in 1999?

It was probably Marshall's first year in 2004 but there were already player management problems surfacing when we cut Jason Lamar and had brutal middle linebacker issues forever until we finally got Zeke and Destroy Moreno. He, of course, is still a rookie but with real good development potential if we don't ruin him in the process like so many others that have quickly passed through here to other better CFL teams (aren't they all) under this current misguided regime.

Also, they stopped using Hitchcock at safety that season and we have not been able to stop any pass play up the middle since then either!

But, let's take hope. We were #9 for such a long time until Ottawa folded and did solidly improve after that to #8!!!

Oh well, I guess all these new Bob The Caretaker Party Goer Fans I see everywhere in the stands these days don't really have a historical perspective on how great this football organization once was, what with being so busy with all the 'fun' promotions at the games now. Who cares what happens on the field seems to the ever repeated mantra of most of the brainwashed masses on this politically correct social chat site!

And BTW, Marcel The Parcel was first coined last February for many reasons but primarily because he packaged off all of our remaining, good, experienced players and got almost nothing for them (Timmy Chang excepted). However, his nickname would probably be much more meaningful if we could only 'Return To Sender'!

Go! Cats! Go! Oskiweewee Forever!

(Who knows - maybe we will finally break our 21st century slump this Friday in Winnipeg and, then, maybe not)


Hey Stox,

You know what I was reading the first half of this thread and was impressed with you positives! Then you went negative again :frowning: but it was a good read untill you started repeating your self over and over with the negatives. You still haven't answered my question about what the complaining has done to help the team move forward over the years?

Please Stay Positive with just a little negative that isn't repeting your self and I will be able to stop bugging you. I guess you could say I'm not in a arguing mood today but I was just suprised with your first half of your post.

on 3rd and 1's we should of qb sneaked not used radlein. Dickerson is a better player than radlein thats why he starts and dickerson can get the yards just as good as radlein so for all you radlein supporters hes basically done in hamitlon unless dickerson gets injured.

More likely Dickerson is done if an American becomes available that is a significant improvement in a week spot. Rads is a Canadian and as such is a better fit for a position that basically is a support position. Neither player is ever going to get the ball much but is used primarily as a blocker. Considering Lumsdens breakout game it may be that Dicky stays but he's in a precarious spot

Wow, and here I was thinking that someone had stolen Stox’ account info and started posting for him… Then I read further down, which I suppose is my own fault, and realized it’s the same old tired rhetoric backed up by nothing more than wild accusations, self-egrandizing and “clever” nicknames for people you disagree with.

Oh Marcel the Parcel, how hilarious. I’ll never get tired of that one… How fantastic that you managed to rhyme Marcel with parcel. Nevermind that the pronounciation is very different for both words. Why worry about that when reality has never been one of your strong suits?

Anyways, as for your baseless bashing of everything Tiger-Cat, with the exception of your glorious Die Hard self, you did successfully manage to name some of the bright spots on the team. Of course, it’s irrelevant that Moreno, McKay and Setta were all Desjardin signings…

I just love the part where you slam Bob for having no idea how to run a team. A fact, he himself has said from the very beginning. The Jason Lamar bit, wow! You must be a pro scout to have picked up on this one. Look at the hall of fame career he went on to! Where is he now?

I really loved the conspiracy part with the Als secretly dropping a mole into our organization for some bizarre and not quite clear purpose. But hell, that’s what makes a conspiracy great, the fact that it doesn’t make sense to anyone else, right?

Man Stox, you write a great story. It’s got everything from the overlooked hero (Holmes), the evil Frenchman (Desjardins) and of course the looming disaster (the 0-18 you lovingly predict).

Great story Stox, could have used a vampire.

Remember that time on the Simpsons when the Pin Pals rhymed "Homer" with "homer"?

That was great.


The ninjas were so secret, not even Stox the Die Hard knew they were there.

I nominate this for response of the great job Syphon.. I myself just stopped responding to said poster, but this makes me smile!

Glad I could make you smile HTD, it's good to know there are others who realize how stupid it all sounds. As long this guy's nonsense continues I will continue to point out how ridiculous it is, hahaha... In the words of Stox.

"I will NEVER be silenced!"


Johnny come lately? You have that wrong. If you only knew you'd kick yourself. I'll still be responding although it may not be under the same username. Will you still be posting in 40 years?

Change your handle! It is a total insult to all self respecting Tiger Cat fans that are left. But then, you shouldn't have to be told this BASIC Oskiweewee fact if you weren't a Johnny Come Lately?

P.S. FYI, I will still be responding after another 40 years unless the Cats finally make the playoffs or I off myself first!