Re-signing Free Agents

Looks like Chris Williams may sign for another couple of years. Even though he gained over 1200 yards receiving and close to the top I think there were many that thought he would do much more. He must be happy if he's talking about returning to Ottawa.

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Imagine his numbers if he hadn't dropped so many, especially in the last month or so of the season?

As a return man, I don't think anyone can succeed on this team. Coverage units have improved, for the most part, but I don't know that it should be enough to save Yanowsky's job.

I had seen the list of free agents but I can't seem to come across it now. If and when I do, I'll post them here. It wasn't bad though. Capicciotti was one that, of course, I'd like to see stick around. I think Shologan and Zach Evans as well.

Got 'er. With a disclaimer that this is "unofficial".

[url=] ... ee-agents/[/url]


DeMarco, Thomas, QB
Kelly, Colin, OL
Williams, Chris, WR
Henry, Marcus, WR
Smith, Marlon, DL
Hinds, David, LB
Munoz, Damaso, LB
Johnson, Jovon, DB
Thompson, Brandyn, DB


Albright, Matt, OL
Deane, Jā€™Michael, OL
Verdone, Jordan, FB
Lavoie, Patrick FB
Carter, Matt, WR
Lattanzio, Ettore, DL
Shologan, Keith, DL
Marshall, Andrew, DL
Evans, Zach, DL
Capicciotti, Justin, DL
Green, James, LB
Bealieu-Richard, Jonathan, LB
Pfeffer, Ronnie, P

Guys seem to love being with this organization so I don't see too hard a time signing most of these guys back. I could see Evans leaving, which would be too bad, but he's Regina born and bred. If Saskatchewan wants him, it may be tough to retain him, especially since he doesn't start here.

Forgot: For what it's worth (nothing), Matt Carter is expected to retire. It was mentioned in a Citizen article yesterday.

We were just saying that last night about the FA's :thup:
I can see MOST of them re-signing with like you said a few exceptions.

areas to fill are still the same .................. punter and special teams :roll:

Along similar lines:

[b]Arash Madani [/b]? Per #CFL sources: Winnipeg recently asked Ottawa to interview Jason Maas to become Assistant Head Coach/OFF coordinator. Permission denied.
Yeah! Piss off, Bombers! :P

Actually, I don't think Maas is interested. I heard that he was asked about coming here in 2014 but turned it down because he didn't think he was ready. After one one year as a coordinator, I don't know that he'd want the extra responsibility just yet.

After such a successful year, I think it'd be a real long shot to see Maas sign with another franchise. At this point in his young coaching career, stability and more experience are likely priorities.

For your teams sake I hope he stays. Your offense this year, especially after finding Powell was often electric.

Updated from the tracker.

ALBRIGHT, Matthew* OL Saint Mary's
CAPICCIOTTI, Justin* DL Simon Fraser
CARTER, Matt* WR Acadia
DEMARCO, Thomas QB Old Dominion
EVANS, Zach* DL Regina Thunder Jrs
GREEN, James* LB Calgary
HENRY, Marcus WR Kansas
Hinds, David LB Florida Atlantic
JOHNSON, Jeremiah RB Oregon
JOHNSON, Jovon CB Iowa
KELLY, Colin OT Oregon State
LAVOIE, Patrick* OL Laval
MARSHALL, Andrew* DE Simon Fraser
MUNOZ, Damaso LB Rutgers
RICHARDS, Jeff DB Emporia State
SHOLOGAN, Keith* DL Central Florida
SMITH, Jamill WR Ball State
SMITH, Marlon DE Texas at San Antonio
THOMPSON, Brandyn DB Boise State
VERDONE, Jordan* LB Calgary
WILLIAMS, Chris WR New Mexico State

Did not expect to see Jeremiah Johnson on there. Late arrivals Jamill Smith and Jeff Richards make sense.

Not showing up on the list anymore are J'Michael Deane, Ettore Lattanzio. Ronnie Pfeffer and Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard. Maybe quietly extended or never belonged on the list in the first place.

Shawn Lemon released

Scott Mitchell ?@SUNMitchell 13m13 minutes ago
Per sources, the Ottawa #RedBlacks have released DE Shawn Lemon so he can pursue NFL opportunities. #CFL


Oh well. He seemed to enjoy his time here so we'd probably get first crack if/when he returns. Whiteside is expected to be available for camp. Was hoping to see the two of them together but won't happen for a while, at best, I guess.