Re-seed playoffs

so had we put the best 6 teams into this years playoff and played it as a seeded format
Toronto at Sask
Ottawa at Edmonton


Calgary plays the lowest winning team (based on season record)
Winnipeg plays other winner

Otherwise.....why play the regular season? I have been a season ticket holder for far too long. I enjoy the games. But next year I think I may just not bother going to as many meaningless games before November

What’s the difference - WPG lost the first playoff game they played, at home, to a team seeded below them. You only get to go to the Grey Cup if you beat everyone you face in the playoffs.

I've never understood the rationale on calling the regular season meaningless in the current format. 6 out of 9 teams will make the playoffs either way.

Since all teams start the season 0-0 and know first place in the division means the bye, it gives more meaningful to divisional games IMO. The Argos had to win the season series against all of their divional opponents in the event of a tie breaker. That makes them meaningful.

Though the Argos finished 9 -9, they only had control over the teams they play. No control that the 3 teams in their division finished with a worse record.

Your preaching to the choir . How does this help the Toronto market when you make it too easy to get to the championship with an advantage of a bye and home field . It causes complacent fans who lose interest as the regular season loses it's value . Exhibit A Toronto who had a great fan base when they didn't win since the early 50's until the mid 80's when It seemed difficult to accomplish BUT when it became old hat people lost interest .

My fear this will hurt Ottawa as the fans here are like me thanks for the home playoff game but it didn't make any sense or fair to the players let alone the fans of teams who legitimately won home field advantage . This league is way too small for this to keep going on .

It literally is killing the East by making the fan uninterested .

It's the same old stick play mediocre and you can win a championship should not be the battle cry . I like an underdog story but in this league you give the underdog a bloody bye and home field advantage that's dumb marketing for a league .

You can have a balanced competitive league without this current playoff system .

You know, if Saskatchewan had won today, who in the east would have cared about the Grey Cup then?

If you want to really kill this league, by all means keep promoting this one division nonsense.

People lose interest . It hurts your team when you make it too easy to get to the championship of your league . That's one of the biggest reason for the decline of the CFL . It will take years to fix it so fans adjust to a real playoff system .

The division is tiny 4 teams , people notice this believe me they notice and they need to either add teams very quickly in Canada or go one division before they lose any more fans .

I never thought Toronto could not sell out a 26,000 seat stadium for an east final but they did so it's time for a change .

People notice this watching on TV especially the fan your trying to get to go to the game in person especially that young impressionable fan .

How is having the largest crowd in 4 years and a majority of Argo fans considered a loss of interest?

All teams play 18 games to qualify for the playoff or earn the bye by finishing first. The Argos didn't clinch first until game 18 so I don't see how it makes it meaningless or too easy.

There are many challenges in this market bringing the Argos back to being viable. The alignment and playoff format wouldn't change a thing.

Well if your CFL fan you watch the game based on competitiveness. Who cares if they are from the east I don't who cares most of us have family across this country .

You didn't notice the empty seats for a east final it's on life support now and feeding it the same easy roll to the Grey Cup is going to finish it off . NOBODY cared when they won in 2012 they were a 9-9 team just like now it did nothing to help the East or Toronto .Everyone notices this East division nonsense except a few here . Make it more difficult to get to the big show not easier . This league needs a big enema if Ambrosie doesn't see it he is not the right man going forward .

Toronto should have had to win two on the road ; this Grey Cup is another devalued championship . A real shame as it turns people off to a very good product .

For the first time in forever I really don’t care who wins the grey cup.

Edmonton vs Saskatchewan would have had some drama and merit.

I am a fan of football. But every year moreso a fan of the NFL.

For the price of my two season tickets we can go away to a game. Tailgate and have some warmer weather.

This didn't do anything but hurt the league again . Toronto should have been on the road twice my Ottawa team should have been on the road . I hear this from everyone I know who would like to get interested but they can't take the league seriously with this dumb playoff system .

SO your telling me that Toronto can't get there without help from the league

You think that wins fans over that they are dumb and don't notice this inequity .

With the exception of the cross over feature, the CFL playoffs have run pretty much this way for what.....the past 50 years? Doesn't sound like anybody's "losing interest" to me.

What do you mean know one cared that the Argos won the 2012 Grey Cup? They played infront of 50,000+ fans. The decline afterwards had more to do with ownership stripping things down prepping for a sale than anything else.

I can tell you from here, the playoff format doesn't cause disinterest in the league, the fact it's only 9 teams is a bigger reason.

Now that the Argos won today ensuring an east-west Grey Cup, the imbalance and one division talk will likley stop. When the board of governors meet thie week, they will discuss many things. A prospects of expanding to 10 teams will be on the agenda, going to one division or re-seeding. Not so much if any.

SORRY to hear that but I might be joining you ; if there is no changes . This is a love for a league that is dysfunctional for a long time . We finally get Ottawa back but they do the same old same old nonsense and kill interest eventually . People can't see the forest for the trees .

Bombers should have hosted the semi if they lose they lose but allowing Toronto the semi and the bye is a grave error . Glad you spoke up tonight .

Toronto didn't get help from the league and the league didn't allow it.

The playoff format was already in place from the beginning of the season and the Argos finished first in the division. It's not their fault if the other 3 teams had worse records.

So it is what it is. I don't think that makes 24,929 dumb people at BMO today right?

Really 50 years and you don't think that a city the size of Toronto hasn't declined in interest . Ottawa died twice . Montreal twice . Hamilton and Toronto were taken over by the league in 2004 . Braley owned the Argos and BC because nobody wanted them . Then he won twice with both teams and both teams attendance went down afterwards . Something is very wrong when this happens .

I like you ; believe me I like all my CFL brothers here but if you don't think this league almost died because of this insanity then I don't think you see the big picture. I am afraid it maybe too late and changes will be lost to apathy especially in the big three where they have more choices .

Stop bitching! Just live with ut and like it, stop wanting to change was isnt broke

No but I looked at the Argo crowd and there were a lot of old die hards like me .There is something wrong when they don't sell out a showcase event like the semifinals. Yes this playoff system helps teams in the East for sometime with inferior records and is hurting the league . How small do the crowds need to be at BMO ?
My heart falls for every time I look at BMO this season and making your regular season games less important does nothing to sell tickets anywhere just not Toronto .

Was that last regular season game between Toronto and BC mean anything to the BC Lions? No it didn't, it was a meaningless game because they had been eliminated from the playoffs for 3 weeks. However, in a 1 division league that game would have been for a playoff spot; Argo win they are in and finish 5th and BC out, BC had won they are and finish 6th and Argos out of the playoffs.

Still say the current format does not render the regular season meaningless to an extent?

Well I tend to take the glasw half full approach and wasn't expecting a sellout.

There's about 4000 or so STHs for the Argos so if they sell 20K or so tickets in less than 2 weeks is a very good sign.

If the board of governors decide to change the format, then they do. I don't believe it will hurt the league but neither will the current format.

The east may traditionally be the lesser revenue clubs (with a few exceptions) doesn't mean they're in peril. The fact that a potential ownership group wants to add a team in the east speaks volume on how the league is doing.