Re: Richie Hall

I hope Mo doesn't go but it wouldn't surprise me. Mo would probably like to play on a team with Ricky Ray.

CKNW noon sports Reprted Ritchie Hall is in as Edmonton new Coach
He should sign this week

Ya its no suprise. Tillman slept on him twice to bad.

Congrats to Richie, he deserves a shot as a head coach. I just hope he doesn't take too many free agents with him.

Congrats to the Esks and Richie....its about time this guy got a shot (should have came last year as the head coach of the RIders...but thats my opinion). On another note....we're F'd....the most consitant and dominant part of our team over the past years has been our defense, and now with our three super star lb's free agents and their coordinator (who everyone loved to play for) the head coach of the Esks i wouldnt be suprised to see one or more of them end up their.

Great, wonderful......Good for Ritchie, he deserves this.
RH's hiring will raise the bar of general ineptitude in CFL head coaches.

Good for Richie. And I really hope he doesn't pull a Stubler. If anyone deserves success it is Richie Hall. Hopefully he enjoys just enough success to end behind the Roughriders every year. :slight_smile:

Sooooo! Do we bring in someone to replace the great RH, or do we promote from within, such as the Etch.

It's a shame to see him go, but oh well. Hall deserves this opportunity.

Thank you for everything Hall, you made a big difference to this team and we won't forget you.

well there goes our amazing deffence

And some of our FAs. I bet McKenzie is gone. Frazier could be gone.

Good luck Richie, you were loved, and will be missed. You deffinately deserve a shot at a HC job, no questions. And as BigU said, i hope you enjoy just enough enjoyment to place just shy of the riders. But im thinking that wont happen.. Also please dont take any FA's that'd just complete the kick in the ballz to the riders.

I think it's awesome that Ritchie Hall was snubbed twice by the RIders, and yet has the right stuff to head coach the CFL's flagship team...

As in the case of Ritchie Hall, it seems true that good things do happen to good people...

Lance Frazier isn't a FA.

I believe Frazier is a free agent. Only based on posts on this forum though...
Anyway, good luck to Richie... but not too much... I hate the 'Smos... wish he had gone to TO or something.
Smos just became 20% better though.

Im pretty sure he is..

I'm with you on Mo following Richie to Edmonton. Sad, but that's the nature of the business!

He won't have the opportunity to take our free agents if Tillman would just sign them already, i don't think he's signed one player yet.

I know.

I think ET is addicted to gambleing , he loves to make the big moves, rolling them dice on key players when it's contract time. And Mo is a big time player who only wants what he deserves, but i don't think a a control freak like ET ever really negotiates, it's either my way or the highway with ET