Re-Retire number 22

Back in the good old days when Doug Flutie was a rookie Lion, correct me if I'm wrong: Joe Kapp's #22 was retired but got permission from Joe himself to UN-retire his old number because Flutie had a thing for #22. Is #22 still un-retired?? If so, wouldn't it be nice to Re-retire old #22 & invite back BOTH Joe Kapp & Doug Flutie for a formal ceremony at BC Place? It would be the first time a number has been retired for two different players. Since both are CFL legends, it would be most appropriate. Comments? :roll:

The would be classy! I like it.

I will just say this.. for Kapp, hell yes, take it down, or put it up in the rafters, and give him the respiect he deserves.

For Doug, amazing as he was, and as recognised as he should be, I have two issues with Doug Flutie. 1) He was more of a CFL star (Calgary, BC, Toronto) then a BC LION star, so recognise him for that, and 2) As much as the fans and media loved this guy, ever notice, how no teammate, CFL or NFL, ever spoke up for him when he left teams? not ever the traditional, "its a huge loss" I hate to say it, but as great an athlete and player he was, and I give him that. He was not and did not hold the same qualities of a teammate as his brother Darren.

Absolutely true Flutie played for himself and his self-aggrandizing stats. If the team won as a result ...bonus. Number 22 belongs to Kapp alone as far as I'm concerned. When he left Calgary none of the Stamps were sorry to see him go. Heard it said once that despite the huge contract he had with Ryckman here (how much of it he received is open for speculation)not once did he ever take his O-line out for a night.