Re: Referees

I know this is an age old topic. But in the off season the CFL should be looking at investing money into having the referees go to referee school (if that’s what you call it) year round.
At present it is little more than a part time gig for these guys. With the 13th man being such an important part of the game, who can determine the out come with one bad call or non-call it is important that there are no mistakes or as few as possible. I don’t believe the fault lies with the referee but with the League. More time and money should be spent on improving the aspect of this part of the game than where the next expansion team will be.

What do you think?

Great idea, but they will need more than just training school, but that will have to do for now.

Unfortunately, according to posts I have read on this forum by my fellow posters, their seems to be some refs that just don't do their job and there are some who will just make a call to get TV time. Very sad. :cry:

GM1- The officials are just as bad in the NFL, so the CFL doesn't have an exclusive on poor officials who can't make the proper call or who swallowed their whistles. About two weeks ago in the New Orleans Saints and St. Louis Rams game, a wide receiver for the Saints caught a pass and ran about 10 yards and was tackled by the Ram defender, and replay clearly showed he was down by contact. He then let the ball go and the Ram defender picked up the ball and the ruling on the field was a fumble by the Saints and a recovery by the Rams. I believe the Rams won by less than a touchdown, and as a result of this "so-called" fumble, went on to score the winning touchdown. So obviously the officials in this case did have a direct effect on the outcome of the game.
We do have instant replay in the NFL, which you don't at the present time in the CFL. However this sometimes takes longer than it should, and if the evidence isn't irrefutable, then the call made on the field stands. Also, there are far too many conferences of the officials in the NFL, which gets you to thinking if they are actually watching the game that they are being paid to officiate? Just a thought.