Re: RE: QB protection

I've been away for a while so I wanted to reinterate about my previous post on this topic. when I stated about respect amongst other CFL players. What happened to Ricky Ray last game was more what I had in mind although it was a clean hit was it nessesary to be rough (now before everyone starts talking about Pink Jerseys )I would think that when a QB is about to blindsided by a 200lb + LB running at full tilt someone is probably going to be injured . Does anyone think their should be a rule change put in place to protect a person in such a vulnurable position . I may be biased on this because Ray is my favorite player and I cheer for the Esks but if it happened to your teams QB how would this sway you in any way.

Can't say as I can think of a rule change that is workable, or frankly, that I'd like to see.
Short of blowing the play dead BEFORE the QB gets hit, what do you think?
And I'll stop watching football if it ever gets even close to that....

Usually Ray gets up from those kinds of hits, so Im wondering if he didn't have a tender shoulder to begin with, and the hit did the rest of the damage.

Ray simply had to take one too many after a couple years of poor protection.

There are currently too much protection of the qb's in my opinion. Its football, those hits are one of the main reasons I watch the game.