RE: Rank the Teams! 2

IM only going to use the CFL teams in here for now but my favourite teams from 1 to 9 (there is only 9 teams not 10) goes like this

  1. Hamilton Tiger Cats (they've been my favourite team for as long as i can remember)
  2. B.C. Lions (i've always liked B.C. dont really know why I just like the province really)
  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Riders fans are some of the craziest fans in the CFL. Went to a Riders game one time and had the greatest time of my life.
  4. Montreal Alouettes (they always had good games against Hamilton in the Eastern Conferance Final for a few years)
  5. Ottawa Renegades (just because the first CFL game i went to was in Ottawa way back when they were called the Roughriders)
  6. Winnepeg Bluebombers
  7. Calgary Stampeders
  8. Edmonton Eskimos
    and last but not least
  9. Toronto Argonauts (im a ticats fan of course the argos are my least favourite team its a tradition after all dont we all hate them :wink: )
  1. BC
  2. Montreal
  3. Calgary
  4. Ottawa
  5. Hamilton
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Edmonton
  8. Sasketwchan
  9. Toronto


  1. Toronto (Born and Raised in Toronto, Winningest Team in CFL history, love the nickname, their colors, nuff said)


  1. Saskatchewan (I like the fact that they have some hardcore fans and that's the only pro team they have. I like going for the underdog. I really wanna go to a game at Taylor Field)
  2. Calgary ( I like the city of Calgary, the people know how to have a good time, a really good CFL city, used to be a big Bret Hart fan, hence my nickname)


  1. Winnipeg (Best nickname, nothing I really like or dislike about them)


  1. Ottawa (I don't really mind the actual Renegade team, i hope they do well with the new owners, but i hate the city, all the politicians who live there and the Ottawa Senators and all their moronic fans. I guess they get upset cause the Leafs smoke them every year in the playoffs)
  2. BC (The Lions have some exciting players, but people in Vancouver don't like Torontonians, so in return I don't show any love either. But i shouldn't generalize everyone. They have a lame nickname too)
  3. Edmonton (Eskimo fans think the CFL world revolves around them, and their shit doesn't stink. Just way too cocky of a franchise altogether. The team has great tradition, but still doesn't compare to the Argos)


  1. Montreal (Everything about Montreal gets under my skin, their fans, their players, their ugly uniforms, they are only slightly beaten out by Hamilton)
  2. Hamilton (Can you say Greatest CFL Rivalry, it's in my blood. Plus i cant look at their eyesore colors and the smog from their crappy city makes me feel sick)

Wish I could find my old post so I could cut and paste.....

(1) BC Live here, Gotta love em.
(2) Calgary Love the Tail gate parties, the fans
(3) Edmonton Love the Stadium...Hmmmm Real Grass!
(4) Toronto Love That Pinball smile
(5) Montreal Cavillo to Copeland....Damn...Copelands not there......
(6) Ottawa Sympathy vote
(7) Sask If they ever win a cup, their fans will be tough to live with
(8) Hamilton What Mosca did to Willie Flemming........
(9) Winnipeg Overdoing the showboating, best TD dancers on and on and on

  1. BOMBERS - diehard bomber fan
  2. Toronto - hate like everyother team than bombers but not as much as the others
  3. Ottawa
  4. Hamilton
  5. BC
  6. Montreal
  7. Calgary
  8. Saskatchewan - hate, bombers rivals
  9. Edmonton - absolutly hate. hope they dont win a game
  1. Montreal always been my team.
  2. Ottawa folowed them after the Als folded.
  3. Calgary folowed them after Ottawa folded (mmm is there a pattern here)
  4. B.C always liked Wally a Montreal boy
  5. Hamilton
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Sask. 5,6,7 no particular order
  8. Edmonton.
  9. Toronto Always hated them and always will.
  1. Winnipeg: Born and raised in Winnipeg, my dad's a big-time fan. Growing up in my house had I cheered for anybody else I would've been disowned. They're in my blood.

The remainder are in no particular order, but represent how I feel about each team.

BC: Fun team to watch, Buono's a bit of a jack-ass. Should've won the Grey Cup last year, Printers should start over Dickenson.

Calgary: I can't say I'm a big fan of Calgary just because I remember them being so dominant and always beating the Bombers in the 90's. Should be an improved team this year, but I think most people on this site have over-rated them due to the acquisitions of Burris, Copeland and Higgins as head coach.

Edmonton: I hate these guys. The New York Yankees of the CFL, they're always good, I prefer the underdog.

Saskatchewan: I'm ambivalent towards the Roughies. Though they're my team's arch nemesis I feel obligated to hate them. However, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Riders. I like to think of them as the David vs. Goliath, and I must admit, I do admire the passion the people of Saskatchewan have for their team. They remind me of my beloved Winnipeg Jets. The lovable losers.

Hamilton: These guys are alright, I like Greg Marshall, I think he's good for the league.

Ottawa: I hope to god these guys catch a break this year. Paopao's a good guy and deserves better than what he's had to put up with over there. Hopefully this is a group that comes together and wins a loyal fan base.

Toronto: The only thing I like about this team is Pinball. While they are a talented, underrated bunch, specifically on the defensive side of the ball, I hate the fact that the Argo executives are forever spending more on players than they can afford and getting the smaller markets to bail them out time after time. Also, I'm miffed at the fact that they backed out of the York Stadium project. They may regret that in years to come.

Montreal: I used to like these guys, but the more I watch them the more I hate them. They seem to be a very arrogant bunch and Don Matthews, to put it bluntly, is an @$$hole.

In sum, I wish the Bombers, Riders, Renegades and Ti-Cats the best of luck this year, those are probably my four favorite teams.

B.C. ( who doesn't love em )
Sask. ( hate to admit it they're the ultimate underdogs )
Ham. ( Danny Mac )
T.O ( Arland Bruce- awesome player, Mr. Braley please buy him for us )
Winnipeg ( why not )
Ottawa ( Joe Paopao - nice guy )
Mtl. ( Don Matthews, smug, arrogant D#ck- head )
Calgary ( still have a hate on for them since the Sapunjis, Pitts years
EDMONTON ( hate them more than any team in pro sports and I will never ever under any circumstances cheer for them , I wish them only ill will and many losses. All i ask of them foor this season is to miss the playoffs just this one time. Then I can go to my grave with a smile on my face!

T.O. ( Damon Allen and Pinball,and Arland Bruce - awesome player )

  1. BC... best offence in the league as far as im concerned... Clermont is amazing
  2. Edmonton.... some great teams.. used to be from Grande Prairie, northwest of Edmonton
  3. Toronto... used to hate them, but i loved some of the teams they had in the 90s and my friend convinced me to like them
  4. Ottawa... love Ranek... Joseph is awsome... always the underdog
  5. Sask. .... this time last year they would have ranked lower, but they lost Burris so now i can like them again... Greene is awsome, only QB ive seen with a visor
  6. Calgary... love the D.... like those nice young RBs they got
  7. Hamilton... dont really care about them... if Lumsden comes over then they will move up the list a little
  8. Montreal.. hate AC.... Cahoon isnt bad but he is the only good thing i have to say about the team
  9. Winnipeg... never liked them.... hate everything about them.... the TD dances arent bad but they belong in the NFL not CFL... NFL is the showboat prick league not the CFL

looking forward to Ottawa's first GC in a couple of years, not gonna happen this year though... go Ranek, and Clermont.. best players in the league

Sounds like fun:

  1. Alouettes montrealer born and bred and theyre really exciting to watch
  2. Eskimos they provide my als with a source of wins
  3. Roughriders another good source of wins for my als though these are usually nail biters
  4. Renegades I know Im supposed to hate them but they are fun to watch and are solid picks to cover point spreads
    5.Winnipeg dont really ahve anything against them but they always have a strong start which diminishes the impressiveness of an alouettes strong start
  5. Argonauts their great luck ruined the chacne my als had at the grey cup last year
  6. Calgary they stole copeland from me
  7. Hamilton the als always have their worst games against the ticats
  8. BC I have a friend that likes to pretend he is from vancouver so whenever the lions beat the als which happens often i never hear the end of it

2-Ottawa(until they start winning regular season games against MTL)
3-BC(unless they are beating MTL)
4-Hamilton(unless they start winning too much)
6-Winnipeg (no particular order from 4-7)


Here's the rankings

  1. BC - Most entertaining team
  2. Calgary - My second home
  3. Edmonton - Also Entertaining
  4. Hamilton - Like the uniforms

Other than that. Could really care less about the other teams but I will rank the Toronto as the bottom of the barrel. Even that is being generous.

  1. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Everybody else comes second. I used to hate some teams, like Montreal and Hamilton, but I can't even hate anybody any more. I work with a lot of people who are fans of different teams. I have good friends here that are Montreal and Hamilton, Winnipeg, Edmonton fans. Kinda hard to maintain a solid hate on for a friends team. That, and a lot of the people here have mellowed me towards teams I used to really dislike. Anyway, good luck to all, and Let's Get This Party Started!!!

ha shows how much of a moron you are, BC has the biggest TD dancers in the CFL to date.

  1. Hamilton Tiger Cats (Not cheering for them isn't an option)
  2. Calgary Stampeders (McMahon is the best stadium to watch a game. Their fans are infectious! You can't help but cheer for the Stamps...except on October 14th)
  3. Ottawa Renegades (I'm from the Valley. Can't turn my back on home...completely.)

Hate Toronto and Montreal so much! Can't express anger in words. Hate Marc Magna more than anyone in the league.

Everyone else I could care less what they do, as long as they play an entertaining game to watch.

No offence Stegalfan, but you have to have blinders on not to see that the Bombers are the biggest hotdog's in the league. They'll dance for 20 minutes after a TD in a game they're losing by 30 points. Only Als recievers come close.

  1. Roughriders - Born in Moose Jaw and still drink Pilsner beer, good or bad will always support the Riders!
  2. BC - This is harder then I thought, sat here for five minutes try to pick a #2 team, I guess 'cus when I was a young CFL fan, the Lions were the leagues underdogs.
  3. Blue Bombers - Riders/Bombers, one of the CFL’s great rivalries, and have to admit they have the best name in all of pro sports
  4. Calgary - Oh my God! can’t believe I say this (and would never admit it to my Stamp friends) but I’ve lived in Calgary for 37 years and they have kinda grown on me. Seems the Riders always play them tough at MacMahon.
  5. Argos - What are they, the oldest Pro football franchise in the world? Just for that they get #5.
  6. Montreal - Every league has to have an arrogant, talented team to knock off their high perch every year. Thanks Montreal!
    7.Ottawa - now its getting really tough 'cus I really appricated Bob Young and what he has done to bring a storied franchise like Hamilton back from the brink, but I have to give the nod to the Renegades because thet are the “new” underdogs and since they have been re-invented as the Renegades and not the rough riders, they get to move up a notch.
  7. Tigercats - don’t know why I dislike them so instensly, they have had some great players and teams, guess it goes back to the Angalo Mosca days, what an animal, one of the dirtiest players of all time. Oh well can’t like every team.
    • Halifax
    • Quebec City
  8. Edmonton - I hate everything about this team, from their management to their fans. They cheat every way then can, they have put the league at risk with their consent attempts at buying championships, Hugh Campbell is always trying to bully the league and the other GM’s. Their fans think that because they have large crowds they have the best fan experience, when in fact you are so far from the action you might as well be in the cheap seats in most other stadiums. If they ever tried to play on an even play field with the reat of the league, the city of champs would soon turn into “The City of Whining Panty Wastes”

Here’s my rankings as of right now. If they differ from previous lists, that’s because tastes change.

1. HAMILTON. Surprise surprise!
2. B.C. Outstanding team, owned by a Hamilton-area businessman.
3. CALGARY. I have friends and family in the area.
4. OTTAWA. They’re this low because they’re a division rival; they’re this high because I like Joe Paopao, and I feel sorry for them a little.
5. EDMONTON. At one time, they were #2. Since Lancaster, McManus and Flutie left, they’ve slowly moved down the list. After they began hoarding quarterbacks, they’ve picked up the pace.
6. WINNIPEG. They used to be my second-favourite team, but some heated games a few years ago dropped them way down. With Daley at coach, they’re working their way back up.
7. SASKATCHEWAN. Danny Barrett is the biggest pain in the butt of any coach in the league.
8. MONTREAL. They dominate our division; A.C. played like a blind leper with the Cats; Don Matthews has a bad attitude.
9. TORONTO. Surprise surprise!

I agree on both points but I expect the Als to to a lot less dancing this year.
Not because they will score less touchdowns but because Copeland is gone

  1. Ottawa Rough Riders
  2. Ottawa Renegades
  3. Montreal Alouettes ( Hated them when I was a young, loved the rivalry, missed them when they folded, glad to see them back, good for the CFL)
  4. Toronto
  5. Hamilton
  6. Calgary
  7. B.C.
  8. Saskatchewan (the fake Rough Riders, stole our name, they'll probably steal the Renegades name too.)
  9. Winnipeg
  10. Hugh Campbell + Edmonton ( especially in a Grey Cup game(hate them with every cell in my body down to the molecular structure)