Re: Printers says he s got lots of zip on the ball

Here's the article.
Not once did he say we had a "crap offence"

Ball control offence is what he said.
Boy do you read what you want . :roll:

also ... enough with the Casey hate you seem to have.
Get over it.

I don't know what you guys were reading but this is how I read it as "The dline couldn't sack my grandmother,Otis Floyd is old and sucks, Jamal Johnson and Knowlton are overrated and the db's are all going down hard when I step on the field" if I were a ticat player I'd be pretty angry with them right now, definitely.

“We can dink, dink, dink, score but my talents enable us to push the ball at times down the football field.”

Closest thing I found to that. I know its hard not to want to put Printers down at every possible moment, but in fairness, I didn’t see him say anything like what you’re saying he did.

Printers has always had zip on the ball, that's not surprising, it's the accuracy that he doesn't have!

The thing is he is right. You can blame Casey for all our misfortunes but the problem was our coaching as much as anything.

Huh, that's very interesting, how could I have possibly gotten it that horribly wrong?

perhaps I should read it again, thank you for pointing my awful mistake out Mr. TheBeast.

Michael Bishop can throw a football 80 yards. And he can do it ALL day.

How has that worked out for him?

Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

"B.C. has given up a league-worst average of 138 rushing yards a game so tailback DeAngelo Cobb of the Ticats has to like his chances facing the Lions for the third time."

Anybody see anything wrong in this paragraph? Jeez... shotty reporting.

I read it as Printers is back!!!

If he is over-throwing receivers in practice, that is exactly how he played when healthy for Hamilton!

maybe geoff and doctor rock u should READ the article AGAIN he says in hamilton it was drive drive drive AND then score which says to me that the offence he was leading was NO GOOD and no he wasnt the O.C but he did call his own plays And he didnt execute the plays very well over throws under throws sacks etc etc and i do remeber him saying " theres gonna be bombs over bagdead the guys a joke and again on sunday I HOPE HE CHOKES

I gotta start using those smilie things. My post was just screwing around I figured my later post was sarcastic enough to clear that up but obviously not, it was all a joke.

This being a playoff game for sure D coach Marshall will be putting in a few surprises for K.C. how about the P.A guy play K.C and the sushine bands "Thats the way" every time K.C get sackt or hit- just the intro please-