Re: Players with dreadlocks

I noticed more and more are wearing them (offense and defense). Would yanking their hair to bring them down be the same as a horse collar tackle, or is there even a rule regarding this?

If I were a player trying to make a tackle from behind, what's stopping me from yanking that hair? I think that the first time a player with dreads gets a neck injury, that will be the LAST time we see players wearing dreads.

What do you think?

I really believe that the CFL needs to make a ruling about this, that due to a safety factor that this is not allowed.

My guess is that anyone who grabs the dreadlocks will get flagged for a horsecollar tackle, because in real time doing that is indistinguishable from grabbing the neck of the jersey or the shoulder pads (and penalties can't be reviewed, so real time is all they'll have to go by.)

I'm surprised the dreadlocks are not considered a uniform violation. You can't wear pink gloves or play with your socks pulled down, but you can have hair halfway down your back obscuring your name and number? There seems to be a contradiction here.

I can't see how the CFL or any other league could enforce players hair styles, especially when it is somewhat cultural .

safety factors should always overrule cultural.

what happens one day when some guy comes into the CFL and says I can't wear a helmet because then I can't wear my turbin?

The horse collar rule -- and in fact every rule in the book -- should be applied evenly for all players. If they were to make a rule that you cannot pull a guy's hair, guys with long hair would have an advantage because the defender would have to avoid the hair to make a tackle from behind.

He is politely told to learn how to spell the word 'turban' correctly.

I think it’s ruled a horse collar in the NFL. As for banning dreads… eh. No thanks.

A player's hair is considered part of his uniform in the CFL. He can be legally tackled by his hair, the same as tugging on his jersey.

I don't like the long dreds, it's getting a bit ridiculous. The league should mandate that player's hair cannot be longer than their shoulders. J. Robertson's is a good example, just reaching his shoulders, but F. Stamps is too long. The exception could be native indians or Sikhs, like T. Westwood, who kept his mane mostly tucked under his helmet.

Cory Boyd had long dreds to start the season, but had a big handfull pulled out in an early game...which caused him to sport a more conservative look. 8)

Im like 90% sure that it IS legal to tackle a guy by his hair.

If I owned a CFL team there wouldn't be anybody on my team with hair below the shoulders. I wouldn't be to keen on the beards either, but definitely no long hair hanging down the back.
Also everybody on the team would dress well and wear a tie while travelling to games.

And brogues. They should all have to wear brogues.

Just saw an interview with that dude on the Green bay packers with the long blond hair. According to Matt Lauer, the hair is fair game and there is no infraction for pulling a guy down by the hair in the NFL. So likley it's the same

Really? I could've swore I saw someone get called for it... huh. :?

Makes sense not to call against pulling of hair. With the length of some of those dreads it's going to be impossible to grab a jersey without getting a chunk of hair.

A horse collar tackle is only if you grab the back or side of the collar or shoulder pads. Rules says nothing about hair.

No question…you can tackle by the hair in both leagues.

If it was illegal to tackle by the hair then every single player would grow dreadlocks. It should be encouraged to tackle by grabbing the dreadlocks, that would put a stop to them.

It sounds to me like Xvys explained this one clearly (again! :thup: ).

This is not news down here, and screw that wus Matt Lauer anywya what's he doing interviewing a football player now? :? Are you sure it was he?

We covered this matter down here with Ricky Williams years ago before he was suspended from the league due to too many positive drug tests.

Fair or not, the hair is part of the uniform in the NFL and in the NCAA.

I'd be surprised if the matter was not ruled the same up there, but if someone knows other than Xvys' explanation please advise.

I dont think there should be a "special" penilty for grabbing the hair... If you choose to wear your hair that way, you run the risk that your hair might get pulled... That being said, I dont think that its that easy to grab someone by the hair while they are running.. much easier to grab around the waist.. Bigger target.