Re: Out of all the cuts today who would we want?

Sounds like Armour is a bit of a cancer in the dressing room, no?
I think this team has been torn apart a bit in recent years by players with questionable attitudes. Personally, I’d sacrifice talent to have a more cohesive unit.

I thought Tisdale played well considering who he was lined up on. It seems like we have a lot of young lb's so i dont know if Armour is needed, I'd rather have hill.

I dont recognize any names out of all the cuts, Ebell might be someone to look at if Caulley goes down

He was a bit rough in training camp, he's not the head case everyone makes him out to be.

Im not sure if he is needed or not right now

I just saw Tisdale get burned huge by Bruce then took a brutal interference penalty ( you gotta turn your head) and then after that he looked scared out there and played a bit to soft leaving to much of a cushion on the receivers. have faith in yourself Tisdale or get off the damm field.
Sign Glavic!

I don't know what game you were watching but Tisdale totally shutdown Bruce after that one play, I thought he was one of our better defensive backs. Also you are not seriously comparing Sasha Glavic to him are you. There is a reason he got cut.

after getting burned early on the TD by bruce, Tisdale was with Bruce all game, that interference call was iffy, and i think Bruce finished that game with 2 receptions (he got one more on a little 3 yarder)

Tisdale was solid against one of the best recievers in the league.

Glavic is garbage, first we trade him to Sask and then Sask cuts him.

Dude, Bruce is maybe the hardest receiver in the CFL to cover. Tisdale did a good job.

My Als are about to release Reggie Hunt. You guys, I think, need a good outside linebacker. Why not take a flyer on the reaper?

Also, with Guillory underperforming, why not bring in one of Jerome Haywood and Devon Claybrooks?

How about Montez Murphy and Joe Smith from the Peg?

Don't you know that's the Hamilton way? The guy has one bad for his head, he's a bum, cut him, bring in a bum that another team cut because he's gotta be better than what we have. Not a single down of regular season has been played and people are going off the deep end.

Arland Bruce is a great receiver and will make a lot of very good DBs look silly on occasion. Tisdale, by all accounts, played shutdown D after that one lapse. Hard to blame him for that.

That's being generous.

Tisdale is shaping up to be a great DB. Like previously stated, too many people go off the deep end in Hamilton over nothing. I should know I live there :stuck_out_tongue:
The biggest switches after 2 pre-season games in fans minds:

  1. Porter- Hero to Zero
  2. Glenn- Help to Hinder
  3. Tisdale- Rising star to Worthless Bum
  4. Zemaitis- Next starting DB in Hamilton to the guillotine
  5. Floyd- Old Fart to Superman

That’s just to name a few.

i no, i thought id take it easy on the refs this time around. :wink:

Yep, pretty much right on schedule.

First interception, the QB stinks, cut him, bring in the backup. Bring back Richie Williams.

First dropped pass, the receiver is a bum, get rid of him. Bring back Morreale. Better yet, bring back Earl Winfield.

First fumble, the RB is useless. Told you so. Why didn't we keep Jessie? Don't bother with that stuff about how we made him an offer and he refused, we should have broken the cap-- and the bank-- and done everything necessary to keep him.

First loss, fire the coach, we always knew he was no good. Bring in Marshall, then fire him too. May as well fire Obie too, after all he hired these guys didn't he? Fire the refs too while we're at it. Maybe we stink, but it's a conspiracy anyway and the refs are all against us.

My hopes for signings/releases in the next couple days (more of a fantasy thing, so don't jump on my back about it lol)
Scott McHenry/Andre Sadeghian FB's
Thaddeus Coleman OL / ---
Montez Murphy DE / Lamont Reid DB
Cam Hall / Isaac Brown LB's
Joe Smith RB / Lawrence Gordon DB
Matt Lambros WR / ---

I agree here. Our LB's did well, but Hill would be a help at DB.

Well, Guillory, now released, is a DE..............Claybrooks and Haywood are DTs.

two words:
Montez Murpy

My bad, I thought he was a tackle for some reason.