Re:Obie. Fans Speak Up.

Marcel was a "courageous" hire... I'll stick with Obie.

Good luck Obie - as BG said earlier, I still have a little resentment with your blue-team history...

If he was good enough for BC he is definatly good enough for us.

I'm sure you'll get over that after a successful Labour Day campaign. :wink:

I'm happy with his hiring and optimistic that he can turn the team around :thup:

Good hire. Best of luck Obie.

I hear Mitchell had to up the ante to get him because he wasn't coming. Wow, that's the kind of guy I would want running our organization. Keep spending Bob's money Scott. ("He's such a great owner!")

*I am willing to state that the TiCats will look like a real football team next year and be much improved with Obie in charge. GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!

*The above opinion is a non binding one and I retain my right as a fan to deny making it and to freely express outrage at the incompetence of the present management should one Bob O'Billovich not succeed to expectations after the first season quarter.

I guess no one on here has learned to believe it when they see it. I never got the impression that Obie believes they can turn this team around in one year which is probably why he initially turned the job down.

But Drexl Obie might be able to make 'the TiCats look like
a real football team next year and be much improved

as ruff, not so daringly predicted
with his clever non-binding comment.

No doubt I think we're going to be improved, but I'm going to wait and see what kind of talent is brought in before I buy into the hype.