Re: no I am not a shill for the Ticats or their sponsor, but

...for all of you out-of-towners attending Cat games at THF this might be a great deal for you:

I figure if I bump this thread the Sheraton might not kick me out the next time I try to sell my Grey Cup tickets (at cost) in their lobby because I had no interest in seeing either the Eskimos or blew team play in my home stadium (like in 1996).


Scott Thompson, Bill Kelly, CHML, The Spec, in general, have devolved into getting knee jerk reactions out of listeners and readers.

I can see in this case it worked.

Yes, its a good deal especially with the parking thrown in .......BUT .......keep in mind that you have to pay up front in full for the room and the room price is non refundable as soon as you book it , if you are unable to make it at the last minute you are screwed ....this is not the way it was last year , you could cancel up to 24 hours prior and did not have to pay anything ahead of time . Buyers beware.

What I did for the preseason game was book the CAA option with parking , it was a bit more expensive but at least I could cancel if need be without penalty plus I did not have to pay anything up front.

You missed an all-time classic game.

A classic for sure. And yes Flutie did fumble in the Eskimo red zone right in front of us. It snoewd through the entire game. Unfortunately, the Blows won................ I lost a dear old friend that day as well. Rest in peace Chuck.

I actually went to the game cheering “Eskie Wee Wee” with the friendly Eskie fans beside me up in Section 7. I didn’t get any takers for the tickets, so used them instead of eating the $300.00 (?) they cost. I would’ve enjoyed it more if “my” team (EE in this case) had won. However, yes it was a classic… :wink:

That one catch by Gizmo, (at least I think it was him) was one of the most incredible examples of concentration in history

Thanks for the memories… At around the end of the 3rd quarter Chris Cuthbert gave a shout out to my dad who was in hospital at the time. Chris had called him earlier that week after Mike Anscome had done a 1/2 hour feature on the 2 Sarnia GC wins, and talked to him about winning the 1936 Grey Cup…what it was like…what he got paid etc. Can you imagine how surprised I and my brothers and sister were to hear that…we had no idea they had talked as we snuck a 24 in to his room to watch the game. I would love to have a copy of that game. Joe died Jan 1st 2000.

Hey Woodie. You coming from Sarnia, perhaps this Sheraton deal would be a good one for you? I had you in mind when I first posted the offer. :wink: