Re-naming the Grey Cup?

I just heard on the news that the B of G has quietly agreed to allow the sponsorship of the Grey Cup!

They say it could add Million$ to the league!

Go for it, I say! Remember, they're not "renaming" the Grey Cup. They're simply adding a corporate sponsor name before it.

Excellent point bobby.

Oh God I hope they do it properly, if they do ... more money is never a bad thing, but you can't just throw away and sell out a sacred Canadian cultural institution/tradition ... If they must, I hope that it's to a Canadian company, and I hope it's not "the Wendy's Grey Cup" (or God forbid, the Wendy's Cup!!!! :oops: THAT would be bush league!), and that instead it's something like "The Grey Cup, sponsored by Wendy's" (there's actually a precedent for this: the FA Cup in England is so sacred, that when they gave it a sponsor, instead of calling it the Faceless Corporation Cup (like they did with the League Cup, aka Carling Cup), they saved it as "the FA Cup sponsored by Axa").

BAD IDEA!!! Maybe you can allow the game to be sponsored, but the trophy itself? What is it going to be called? Can you imagine these names--
1)the STEELBACK Cup?
2)the GLIEBERMAN trophy?
3)the BRALEY Cup?
4)the MOLSON Stein?

I know those are out there, but im tired and half asleep here. I do know that the Grey Cup should keep its name-- and not to let ANYONE put their company or business name before or after it.

Was Bell Canadian Open so bad for our golf championship? And this is more historical by 5 years, than the Grey Cup.

How many people watch the Canadian Open?

...three things you shouldn't do when you are tired:

a) Pilot a 747
b) Attempt brain surgery
c) on-line post

.....they are not renaming the cup itself, they are adding a sponsor to the game....

This is a good deal for teams that have money problems. An extra million in the bank. Big deal "The Rona Grey Cup" as long as it helps teams money wise. :o

No idea Canuc but I'm sure it gets it's share of viewers.

So the CFL has to do it as well? Next thing you know it will the Stanley Cup with a corporate name on it. I dont like the idea of corporate names on anything, it just all greed and a cheap prestige ploy by businesses. Really, is nothing sacred?

Not much sambo, not even Taylor Field, what is it now, Mosaic Stadium I think?

Well it seems some people are making a big issue with this. Yet his team had the same issue with Taylor field. Brain Cramp it just might be.

I dont like the name Mosaic either. I will ALWAYS call it Taylor Field. Again , just more greed

....the extra money will help the league....are you against helping the league?....

A bit of clarification:

Their not renaming the Cup, their renaming the Game.

For example: The 2007 Rona Grey Cup Game from Toronto.

It'll be like the Tostito Bowl or something like that. The games are named, the trophy won't be.

Im not against helping out the league, but this is a cheap way of doing it. You cant get sponsors without having some corporation sticking their name on the Cup? Why not sell commercial time to these companies on Grey Cup Sunday? Its just one idea, but surely somebody else can come up with better ideas than just to stick a corporate name on a trophy.

Cheap way of doing it sambo? I've come to the conclusion nowadays that most young people and many older people are impressed with the multi-million dollar salaries of players and this makes them want to watch a sport more, they are impressed with anything monetary wise. Maybe not making it corporate with a name cheapens it for a lot of people, young or old actually.

Agreed it is a good thing, but it must be a long term deal like the article says with Rona for ten years at a minimum $10M per year.

.....again sambo, they are not sticking a name on the is attached to the GAME....and apparently this works fairly easily, look at the NCAA version....