Re: minor request please

I noticed that some people on the field unfurling the flag kept their hats on during O Canada. I was wondering if they could take them off during future playing of our national anthem? (I don't think they were intentionally rude or disrespectful, but I still think they need to be asked to remove their head gear).


I fully agree it's disrespectful but in a free nation freedom comes before respect. Those people obviously don't have your, my or a lot of other peoples respect but you can't force patriotism. I personally never wear hats so I don't have to ever even deal with the issue myself but if I did I would certainly remove it for the anthem or to eat but that is my choice that I make for myself.

Many Canadians are not patriotic enough it seems but I think thats a much deeper cultural issue than removing a hat.

It is my understanding that children and females are not required to remove their hats during the playing of the national anthem. I know a lot, but not all, the people who carry the flag are children, so no offense should be taken if they do not remove their caps while the anthem is being played.

Correct, although as stated earlier, it is customary but not required that men remove their hats. The benefits of living in a free country.

[off topic] While looking this up, I also noticed the following:

At every hockey game I have even attended or watched where a Canadian and American team are playing, they always play the visiting team's anthem before the home team's at the beginnig of the game. Apparently, they've been doing it wrong all these years. [/off topic]

Why do women get to keep their hats on? In this day and age that's sexist and discriminatory.

When men start wearing hats like what the women were wearing to the royal wedding, I suspect that we won't be required to remove them either.

Not looking forward to that day. :expressionless:

From what I understand, women were never supposed to remove their hats in public.

I'm not sure why the national anthem has to be played at sporting events anyways......I mean, it's not played at rock concerts and they are regularly attended by far more people. Be that as it may, I was recently at an event where they played the Star Spangled Banner and the O' Canada...ok, fine, no problem...BUT, then they played God Save The Queen and expected people to remain standing, hats off, etc....most people sat down as it is not an national anthem and I was one of them (with all due respect to the Queen and the Royal Family of course)

.... were we who sat down wrong?

You can't honestly compare a 140+ year old sport and Canadian tradition to rock concerts. Wow.

I'm referring to large gatherings of people.....stay alert there young man :wink:

As Tevye says, “Tradition!” You’re right, there is no requirement to play any anthem, but they’ve been doing it (wrong) for years, and I suspect a lot of people would complain if they didn’t do it. Probably almost as many as would complain about no fly over. :wink:

As for “God Save the Queen”, why would they play it? Was the Queen, or one of her representatives, in attendance, or did they have a large portrait of her on display? If so, tradition suggests that you should have been standing during the Royal Anthem. Personally, I probably would have stayed standing anyway - probably due to having to stand when they played it in school growing up - but I can understand your confusion.

Maybe because the Queen's grandson was in the country?

just to clarify.

Nope, there was no member of the Royal family even in Canada at the time.......nor was there any season to play God Save The Queen.

I like the Royal family but have never, nor would I ever, swear allegiance to her. If she was here at the time and I was in her presence, I would stand out of courtesy.....but not sing

Funny you should mention that. I recently attended a Canadian Forces enrolment ceremony, and the new recruits were given the option of either swearing an oath of allegiance to the Queen (and her heirs and successors), or solemnly affirming their allegiance to same. The difference was more about religion than about the Queen. The oath concluded with "So help me God"; the affirmation omitted this line. I suppose the word "allegiance" is the important part of both.

Until the head of the Britsh Royal Family is no longer head of state of Canada, I wouldn't have any issue myself declaring my allegiance to her (and her heirs and successors). But I accept your right not to.

Isn't it great to live in a country with such freedoms?

Great post -Cat Fan in Ottawa- 8)

If God Save the Queen was played in Canada it had to be because a member of the Royal family or the Governor General was in attendance and to sit down is an insult to our country. Whether you like it or not the Queen and her representative is the head of state. If you don't like it fine then protest to your MP that we should become a Republic and sever ties with the monarch. it's like the protesters that came out when the Royal came here, why protest in front of them its not their problem we invited them here as we are a member of the Commonwealth and as head of state.

Maybe we should have stood up like the Americans and thrown them out years ago and became a Republic but we didn't and we have this form of Government so I say as long as we have this form of Government we show respect. But the thing is what do we replace the Royals with if we become a Republic. A US style Republic or a French or Irish type where they have a President as a figurehead and also elect a Prime Minister?
In the mean time show respect for our country and stand up, if God Save the Queen is played in this country it is because we are showing respect for Canada's Head of State

It was at the Hamilton me, there was no royalty present and no representatives from Britain (including performers)

I stood and paid all due respects to the Stars and Stripes and O' Canada least I didn't boo "God Save The Queen" it like many of my fellow Scottish brethren do

what all new canadian citizens swear and.or affirm

I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen.

I was born here so I don't have to.......I never have willfully sworn allegiance to the Monarchy and never will......only to my own country of Canada

I like the Queen and her family and the work they do but that's as far as it goes.

I saw this thread after it was first posted but didn't think it worthy of me sticking my 2 cents worth in after some of the comments about the kids on the field.

HOWEVER...what really pissed me off was the teenager holding the flag at the south-west corner wearing the ball cap that talked through the hole thing on his cell-phone as he pulled on the flag with one hand.

I know these kids are volunteers...yea, yea :roll: ...but have a little respect for our flag and the national emblem and what it represents PLEASE!

Whoever is in charge could give them a little bit of direction...the "do's and don'ts".