Re: Lingerie Football League expands into Ontario, Canada next?

Some of the scantily clad players were walking around the last tailgate handing out flyers promoting the league and their game at Copps Coliseum

Also, the Spec has a story ... n-of-sport

How can they expect to ever be taken seriously when they dress like strippers to play a professional sport? Why not just standard football for ladies?

Maybe I'm getting too old but I am past the age and mentality where this kind of thing excites me.

Exactly. There may actually be some good athletes there, but nobody knows or cares. I know I don't.

I wonder if Layton's idiot son will take on this "battle" to protect the integrity of housewives everywhere ?

There would also be a lot of very capable ladies excluded because they were not pretty enough. Regardless of athletic ability. Beyond shallow.

This is essentially a bunch of roller derby ladies playing football.

I am Season Ticket Holder of the Toronto Triumph
the LFL is Good Football and Cheep Entertainment
what do you think ticats Cheerleaders are Mindless fun
Same as the LFL.
I would rather look at Pretty girls then Sweaty guys in Full Football Gear

It only two Games
I went to game in new york Last year as a joke
Really Enjoyed to the game to my Surprise.

Female beach volleyball players wear even less and that is taken very seriously, it's an Olympic sport.

They are on a beach and they are not tackling each other. You also don't have to be pretty to play at the Olympic level. Can't really compare the two since there is nothing at all in common.

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They wouldn't be taken seriously if they were wearing equipment...
no one watches female sports so this is actually a pretty smart way to try and change that. I have no clue if it will work but it has a better chance than if they were wearing full pads. LFL Website

Easy there caveman. Way to set the women's movement back 60 years :wink: Lots of people watch female sports. I will watch pretty much any athlete who represents Canada in any sport whether they are male or female.

But do you or would you pay to go see the WNBA or LPGA?

The whole concept is silliness at it’s worst. It doesn’t do much for women as a whole in my opinion, but if there are people willing to shell out cash to see nearly naked women grapple with each other, well, stupid is as stupid does. Throw your money away if you want. 8) The LFL Presser

You couldn't pay me to watch (men or women) or play golf. Disgusting elitist sport.

Every one has there own Taste The football is really Entertaining

Just cause the women are half naked people can't take seriously
Too bad cause it is good football

I hate golf so I wouldn't pay a dime to see PGA or LPGA but I might pay to see the WNBA (I quit basketball after the strike many years ago and it doesn't really hold my interest anymore) and I would DEFINITELY pay to see women's hockey. If there were decent women's football (CFL rules) i'd pay to see that too. I know my boyfriend would pay (and has paid) to watch women's soccer this is a ringing endorsement. :roll:

Let me get this are "BIG TICAT FAN" and complain about prices and everything else...and getting to the game but you state the above? :thdn: GIMME A BREAK

The question is, do the outfits make it better football, or would it be good football no matter what they were wearing? And if it would be as good (or better?) with full equipment, then why do they need the silly rules about the outfits?

Unfortunately, I think Makaveli may be correct, in a way. While many people would still attend the games if the women were in full equipment, many others are only there because of the outfits. For those people, it's like legitimized mud wrestling. Pretty sad.