Re Less than 24 hours to go...

…so how long will it be before Jock-Strap Slimie announces in the pre-game show the Cats don’t even belong in the game and are only there due to a missed pi call?

(note to mods, if option 4 crosses the line from a foul language standard, it at least is accurate :wink: )

My vote is less than 5 minutes - voting button did not work for me.


I CAN"T WAIT!!!! :rockin:

I voted #4.....short and sweet......FOCK JOCK!!!!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

As was noted in another post somewhere, even if the PI had been called Montreal would have had the ball on the 1 yard line with only 5 seconds on the clock, so only 1 play. Would Popp have tried to go for a TD knowing if they were stopped the season was over? Most likely especially given the field conditions the end result would have been the same except the FG spot would have been better.

One of those what might have beens....nobody knows for sure, probably not even Popp. :lol:

Every time I go to the dome to watch a Cat's game they loose: so I opted to stay home. Got the food laid on the pops in the fridge and my gut in a knot already with 20 hours to go.
You guys gotta scream loudly while we are on defence and I rue not keeping any of the fog horns I decommissioned.

GO CATS!!!!!!!!!

Actually, with a QB sneak or handoff to the RB taking only two, maybe three seconds, they could go for the TD and then still for the FG if the didn't get it. And Popp has stated that he would have gone for it.

Can I pick two? Within five minutes, and who cares what Climie thinks?

Id say 0.9 seconds into the broadcast :lol:

I love how Drew pointed out to Herb in Montreal that Fantuz was also held on the trick Stala play. Just cause it happens at a different point in the game doesnt make it less important.

If you look at the replay of the Stala to Fantuz pass, the Montreal defender actually hooks Fantuz's left arm so that he would only have the right one available. Andy, without the interference, would have been just as likely to score on that play as Carter on his.

If the Als are allowed their outrage, then the Tiger Cats should be given equal audience for the same impact that Montreal's illegal activity caused.

Then there's the usual clutching and grabbing by Cox.

To everyone else or Als fans.... that play does not matter as it was not with 5 seconds left in the game!

They all matter. It would have been nice to have that call re Fantuz, and the two unnecessary roughness calls at the east sideline in the first quarter. AF would have had a TD, the roughness calls would have given Cats a better into the wind field position. BUT ALL OF THIS IS MOOT. THE CATS WON AND THAT GAME IS OVER.

Montreal fans and slimey can cry all they want for the next 6 months. This board and all the threads are about the TIGER CATS. Don't like it - don't come here.