RE: Lancaster Remembers Ozzie

Aside from winning the Grey Cup the next season....this is my favourite Ticat memory.

So I guess you could say it's my favourite memory of a game I was actually at, as opposed to just watching on TV.

Absolutely, without a doubt, THE best play I have ever witnessed at IWS in my lifetime.

Our group was sitting on the close 20 yard line in the North stands and the place went bezerk when Ozzy split the uprights. Lots of emotion from all of the fans...

Would love a chance to beat that feeling this year :rockin:

I had seasons in 26, but for whatever reason (and I can't remember) I was in section 8 for that game. I think I bought a few extra tickets and brought some people with me and we had to split up. (I do remember thinking I might've jinxed the team by not sitting in my proper seat.)

Anyways, what made it so amazing was that with about a minute left I thought we had won the game. Then with about 20 seconds left I thought it was done and we were out.....then exactly 21 seconds later we were all going bonkers celebrating a win.

I almost fell over because I was jumping up and down and tripped on the seat in front of me.

I taped the game and watched that kick about 47 times when I got home.

Seemed like SUPER-SLOW motion as the snow was lightly blowing and the ball floated through the uprights.
When Ozzy came in to kick you new it was going through the uprights.
Awesome clutch kicker
Awesome memory

Ozzie will always be my second fav all time kicker.

Remembering how he filled in in both BC and Winnipeg before landing in Ham in the same season and did well in all 3 towns. Knew then he was going to be a good one.

Best play ever I ever saw at IWS. Best play I EVER saw - Tony Champion, 1989 GC. 'nuff said.

I thought he was going to remember it as a 70 yard field goal into an 80 mph wind in the middle of the biggest blizzard in Hamilton history.

Ozzie's kick is probably my fondest sports memory of all time. We are so lucky that many of us were there to witness it live.

whats OZ doing these days???

Not that it's the same magnitude of course but Ozzy's FG with 11 secs. left in the 92 semi final was also quite memorable.

Damon Allen injured Cats erased a 10 pt. defecit with less than two mins (?)with a key TD by Earl.
Strange day. Bright and sunny, then snowed hard

I totally agree with this was my best memory ever as a Ticats magic!

Thanks Ozzy ! 8)

(We may be down to earth friends off the field.........but you were my "hero" on the and Garney Henley.....)

The Cats Claws always get these awards right!

Since we were all there, maybe someone can help me. Lancaster says there was only time for one play, which was a McManus-to-Flutie pass. Hate to disagree with Ron, but I could have sworn that drive included two plays - both completions to Flutie.

Anyone recall?

^^^^ I thought it was a 25 yard pass over the middle then they ran the ball once?

Yup, Ozzie's kick in '98 will be a life-time memory for me too.

But I have to put it second behind:

-1961 Eastern 2-game, total-point final, last play of regulation time vs. the Argooooooooooooooooooos.
-Argos Dave Mann punts attempting to put ball right through end-zone for the single point and the win.
-Ball doesn't get to the end-line, grabbed up by Sudsy who takes his time and gets off a very nice return kick.
-Mann picks up the ball, kicks it again, apparently aiming to have it go out of bounds in the end-zone for the winning point.
-Faloney picks up the ball close to the out-of-bounds line and takes off, eluding 2 Argo tacklers near the goal-line, then races(?) the length of the field behind great (but illegal, not allowed on punt returns then) blocking for the apparent winning points.
-But because of the penalties for blocking on that return, TD wiped out and games goes into OT, where Ticats score 4 TDs to win.
Greatest play I have ever seen in following CFL and AFL-NFL football since early-mid '50s.

I will never forget watching that play, Merlin.

It was a "Where were you when it happened’
kind of event that occurs so rarely in our lifetimes.

I watched that play on a Black and White T.V.
in the living room of one of my high school buddies

with a whole bunch of guys from my high school
who were screaming and yelling their heads off

and there wasn’t one beer involved
in the merriment in those days.

I saw the Dave Mann/Sudsy kicking duel and the eventual Hamilton win by Hamilton in overtime after Faloney raced the length of the field for a Hamilton TD, nullified by penalties, only to convincingly get the win in OT.

Years later, I saw, Ozzie's great 54 yard field goal which sent Hamilton to the Grey Cup. In fact, with time running out, I started making my way to the exit and while standing at one end of the stadium, the end where Ozzie was trying to split the uprights, I couldn't believe my luck, as I got a bird's eye view of the ball sailing between the goal posts, securing a Hamilton win and another grey cup berth.

I'll never forget the euphoria and sheer joy that erupted on both occasions and I would be hard pressed to say which one I found to be the most satisfying.

Both occasions were downright sureel and engrained in my memory.

It gives me chills just reading about it honestly.

It is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen live. I remember looking at ozzie right before it went in, and Darren Flutie was already hugging him.

And I remember how it went soooo quiet when he kicked it, to soooo loud!

We have to get Ivor Wynne back to that volume, it was amazing!!

If I recall, Ronald Williams helped set up the field goal with a strong gallop from scrimmage ... now he was a back!

Indeed. That requires Jason Farr to STFU more and stop piping in canned fan noise, DEEEEEEEEEFENCE and MAKESOMENOISE blaring from the P.A., and other aspects that de-energize the natural sound of the crowd. At least we will have a Pete back this year!

IWS IS the most intimidating place to play in the league when the Cats are on the prowl thanks to the walls, the proximity of the fans, and the general roar factor of the denizens of The Lair. To get back to that, the suits that run this team have to rein in some of the problems I`ve mentioned. If the onfield production can meet that, well then the Old Civic will once again get that mojo back.

Ozzies kick was an unfortgetable moment...and Im confident that Nick Setta has similar steel to get it done in the clutch!

Oski Wee Wee,

Yup…this might be my favourite live sports memory of all time.

(Second would be a bench brawl between the Cambridge Hornets and Dundas-Hamilton Tigers when I was a wee lad!! :wink: )

I’ll never forget how loud that stadium was that day…roaring for the defence…and then just exploding after the kick.

Actually, thought my legs were gonna bust as people rolled around celebrating!! That was really something!