RE: Kwame Cavil Traded ??!?!?

maby its becuz if free's up a spot for khalil hill actually, smart move now lets get hill over here! boy we got ripped off though, a third round draft pick, hes at least worth a second round and maby some1 from there roster

Agreed Great Move...
He Play The Slot & WR Spots
Hill can also Do Kick Returns..

yup thats one less import reciever for now, then hill will come in take num 88 or 87 and we all know he has great potential

who cares why they released him he never played and when he did play he was great but 87 is davon fowlkes' number but hill could take it cuz fowlkes is on the practice roster. and the releasing of greg randall makes me think that jonta woodard is coming back.and now kwame is released that makes me think hills coming back so we can start winnin again!:smiley:

I'll believe it when McMahon says it's so.

Why is it we keep sending receivers to Winnipeg?

I liked Cavil and IMO never got a fair opportunity. I don't see Hill as the saviour you think he is. Plus, he hasn't come back yet.

winnipeg doesn't have any o-linemen on their practice roster? or any player for that matter? I think we got the old screw job on this one...Cavil is worth more than a 3rd rounder...I sure hope Hill is back soon or this could look even worse!

when are the tabbies gonna trade boreham?

The question is who wants Boreham?

Anyone recall what we gave the Eskies for Cavil?

didnt u get him from montreal for a 3rd round pick?

I think he came from the Eskies.

he did come from edmonton

I have no problem with this trade. Cavil was no better or worse than a half dozen other receivers that float around from team to team. He's servicable but unspectacular, and built his reputation off of playing with a great QB in a great system for receivers. As for getting more than a 3rd in return, a receiver who isn't even a regular starter on the worst team in the league is damn near untradable in most circumstances, so getting a 3rd is pretty impressive. I also agree with the speculation that this is in an effort to open up a roster spot for Hill, but even if he gets picked up by some other NFL team and doesn't come here, I'd rather see them give some reps to a young guy like Fleming or one of the other backups so we can at least see what they're capable of in game situations.

My ONE complaint is that we traded him to a division rival that we're chasing in the standings. However, that's mitigated by two things: First, we don't really have a chance in hell of catching the Bombers. Second, they don't have a QB to throw the ball to Cavil anyway. Third, they'll likely be back in the West next season anyway. Fourth, we would have lost Cavil in the expansion draft even if we'd held on to him. So I guess I have no reason to complain.

There are only 7 teams in this league...Im sure its really hard to pick and choose a team that will first want him and second if its a division rival or not.

Plus we got him for a fourth rounder so really we traded a fourth for a third.

I'm wondering why Hill isn't here already, Woodard was released after him and he's here, what's going on with Hill?

Kahill HIll did not clear waivers in the NFL yesterday and that is why Kawame Cavill was traded. We will see him on Saturday night. Thank goodness, a reciever that can run the right routes, and lay out for the ball if necesary!

Ticat Pat

Maybe he’s still getting interest from or negotiating with other NFL teams.

What is your source that Woodard is here already? I didn't see it on the wires... The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

cavill can go smoke his dope with his fellow thug buddy robert baker , and maybe the blue bombers can get onterrio smith back.