RE: Keon Lyn ???

  1. In my morning edition of the spectacular Hamilton Spec, in the sports section article about the

Cats Friday night, they have a picture of a Hamilton player, wearing sweater #29, shaking hands
with TiCat fans after the game. In my edition the pic is on page S 6.

The Hamilton player is identified as Keon Lyn ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Lyn has not played for Cats since tearing up his knee almost 2 years ago, and is not even with
the team anymore !!

Another great job by our illustrious home town Spectator ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :-[ :-[

Right on top of all the latest developments !!

Yup , I noticed that too . Hey Spec , WAKE UP !!! Oh and by the way just to give the said player his just dues…That would be Jackson Bennett sporting the number #29 jersey in that pic . But hey , keep up the great background research there Spec ::). Lyn by the way is currently on the BC Lions Practice roster just so you know .

Shouldn’t surprise anyone one bit.

Methinks the Spec sports department is a far cry from when I used to be a copy boy there and had to bring westerns on rye from the cafeteria to those guys only 46 years ago. Old school reporters who knew everything and kept a bottle of old 'whatever' in the drawers of their desks to help write.

Bob Hanley would have been one of those old writers . His nephew carried on the tradition after transitioning from sports photographer to sports writer . Mike Hanley is truly one of the best storytellers and humourists you could ever meet .

So Mark , you are truly old school .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

The only thing worth reading in that rag is the Obituary section.

The only reason I read that rag tag paper is because I get a free copy every morning . If I had to actually pay for it I wouldn’t give them a plugged nickel for it .

8)Well, once again the illustrious Spec out does itself !! ::slight_smile:

In this mornings edition (mine anyway), there is a full color large picture on the main front page,
of 2 TiCat players celebrating a touchdown in the first half of last nights game.

The 2 players are identified as #17 (Luke Tasker) and # 15 Kevin Elliott…Unreal ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

As everyone knows (except the spec), # 15 is Alex Green.

Elliott has not played for the Cats for what… 3 years now ??
Totally inexcusable for a so called professional newspaper ::slight_smile: Pathetic is more like it !! :-[ :-[

::slight_smile: Hey Tipper , it gets better . On the front page of the sports section there is a full colour pic of Dane Evans on a short yardage play but the caption reads "Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive back Khalid Wooten, top left ,runs the ball while taking on the Ottawa Redblacks during first-half action in Ottawa.

Khalid Wooten ?? Seriously Spec ?? Like WTF :o Wooten played a handful of games for us last year in that 0-8 start when Austin was still coaching this team and was long gone by the time that Jones took over as HC.

Unbelievable . Like who in the Hell does the Spec have researching and proof reading these captions before they go to print ? Just a thought here Spec BUT you might want to maybe update your data base and perhaps get a hold of a more current roster . That’s now 3 player identifications in the last two games played that you have screwed up royally .

So how do you spell Mickey Mouse ? Answer : T-H-E S-P-E-C-T-A-T-O-R :stuck_out_tongue:

If the MTL game is meaningless Wooten should get most of the reps. Been following his progression, jts promising.

Oh did Bob love the western sandwiches. Extra ketchup. 2 coffees- cream, no sugar.

LOL . Yup I gotta agree that Wooten kid is a keeper . I'm also thinking that for some of the posters who were lobbying for the team to sign Elliott that they'll be thrilled to see he made the front page of the newspaper . Oh and lastly I would be remiss if I didn't mention how well that Lyn fella has played for us this year after coming back from that terrible busted leg injury he had .


And they want me to pay for online articles. Hilarious.

I’ll just keep switching my IP

The only time I think of the Spectator is when I’m sitting on the commode.

We desperately need to get the 3 "K"s or Special “K” if you like into the starting lineup pronto if we are going to have any chance in the play-offs . So come on June , make it happen ,make it oKay . This is no joKing matter , everyone Knows that the liKes of a Khalid , Keith and Keon are the Keys to Kapturing this years koveted Krey Kup . ;D

This post comes to you kourtesy of the letter “K” , and has been proof read and edited for posting purposes by the fine staff at the Spektator . :stuck_out_tongue:

Kree Kup?