RE: Jack-Tars...Sea Dogs...What would you name a Maritime te has to start with an "i", so the team initials are "hi", i favour inkpens, intellectuals, indonesians, irritated, or my favourite...icecube makers

Of course the name doesn't necessarily have to represent the city, but if it does all the better. They're only suggestions...right? By the way Todd...Halifax Breakers is a good one. There are some catchy team names so far. Hot Choclate...nice contibution Eskimoes32001. I'm sure that's the's way better than Schooners, Jack-Tars, Mariners, Acadiens and so on. Seriously Eskimos32001, if you got to choose the name for a CFL team in Halifax what would it be. And don't say Double Cappucino Extra On The Froth. It'll never fit on the helmet.

I like the Halifax Risorgimento, but that isnt too catchy, so i'll go with the Rebels or Jarondins (cmon lets add some french history to the CFL) or i also like Cyclones and Bulls

Now don't anyone steal my suggestion and use it to win some far off 'name the team contest'. lol the Halifax SeaKings............
or the Halifax Serpents..........
Seriously do you think they will really get a franchise?

You do also know that the Bulls are an NBA team and therefore quite lame, don't you? Hot Chocolate was better than that. Rebels? That's another great choice to join a league that already has the Renegades.

forgot about chicago, but i still like hot chocolate, maybe hot cocoa.

seakings? well...they are the pride of the canadian army.

I'd probably go with Halifax Hurricanes or Destroyers.

As for Sea Kings? I don't think so. They'd fall apart quicker than the Renegades with the Gliebermens back at the helm.

For me it's gotta be the "Maritime Mauraders"

The Halifax Privateers...from the famous Stan Rogers song, Barret's Privateers. Many a Saturday afternoon I've spent at the Lower Deck with pint in hand wailing out that old favourite...Its got soldiers, history, drama and heartache...If it should come to pass that a team be formed in Halifax, then let it be the Privateers!

How About...
The Halifax Clubbed Seals
Then Halifax Clubbers

Or, for those who prefer a more representative name, why not the Halifax Pay-Toll Bridges?

How about ... The Halifax Ruffriders ...

Of course; it would have to be spelled differently, to avoid confusion between the old Rough Riders and the current Roughriders. The lack of drunken and confusing Rough Rider / Roughrider arguments has left an empty void in my life ... This can only be repaired by adding a 3rd CFL team named the Ruffriders ...

I still pitty the weak bastards in Ottawa that ultimately gave in and decided their team was not the legitimate Rough Riders of the CFL ... sad ... very sad.

Who's with me?!!

and the helmuts could be solid baby blue with no decal.. like the browns but baby blue. that would be awesome.

hot chocalate and ruffriders... i love those suggestions. just hit me as quite amusing. i still think calling them maritime or atlantic something rather.. i say atlantic and then their nickname could be the Ocean. Can't you hear it.... the Atlantic Ocean rolling into town to take on the riders. poor prairie boys wouldn't know where to run. this was supposed to be prior to my post about the blue helmuts. i miss the huddle more and more.

I agree with has been far too long since this league has had two teams with identical sounding names. But let's leave the roughriders alone, they won the fight for their name fair and square. I was thinking more along the lines of Stamp Eaters. or just to piss off people in the toronto organization they could actually name themselves the Boatmen and steal the Argos second nickname

Im' still liking the Hot Chocolate, cuz who doesnt love hot chocolate, and it starts with H, so the logo could be a mug with two H's on it

I think "those poor weak bastards in ottawa", as they have been referred to previously, should be punished for giving in so easily the last time their name was challenged. The only suitable punishment would be to challenge their name once more, with a name like renegades becomes slightly difficult. However the Halifax Renegadez would be a wonderful addition the CFL, but thats just my opinion. Altho that mug with two H's would be quite a catchy logo.

how do u post a pic, i made the logo

Just a few thoughts of mine:

Halifax Hooligans, it just sounds good and I can only imagine the logo.

Halifax Privateers seems the best to me (has a nice ring to it, naval, "Barrett's Privateers" etc.), but there's a few more I wouldn't rule out.

Clichéd navy/Citadel Hill references like Halifax Strongholds, Halifax Destroyers, Halifax Frigates (just imagine a crowd of 30,000+ chanting "FRIGATE! FRIGATE!"), Admirals, Commodores, Tars is good although one of Halifax's rugby teams already has that name, Schooners is decent too...

Some kind of disaster-related name, like Halifax Explosion, Hurricane, Riptide, Flood, Sea Kings, etc.

Hmm what else? how about the Liger-Cats? It would piss off BC AND Hamilton! Two birds with one stone!

how about The Halifax Halucination...........oooooo must have been something in the Hot Chocolate when I came up with that one... :lol: