RE: Jack-Tars...Sea Dogs...What would you name a Maritime te

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The Halifax Schooners

I agree for me it's the Schooners

I agree for me it's the Schooners

By the way Jack-Tar means a person engaged in sailing or working on a ship. A mariner, navigator, seafarer, sailor, sea dog or seaman. Most of you probably know that already. By the way I like Schooners too, but Halifax Jack-Tars reminds me of the Toledo Mud Hens which is considered by many to be the best and most unique name for a sports team. I think Jack-Tars is different, but I'd vote for Schooners too.

Halifax Explosion. Good tough football name...although some may take exception to naming a team after a tragedy. Others may think it sounds too XFL. Schooners is a bona-fide CFL style name though, so I'd be satisfied with that.

I have no problem with Halifax Explosion. If it was just a name that would be one thing and yes I would then liken it to an XFL type name, but the fact is the Halifax Explosion is a huge historical event and so it definitely has a place.

That'd be my pick.

How about the Halifax Mariners.

Why Halifax?? It should be Quebec city that gets a new franchise not boring old Halifax!

I kind of like the idea of naming it after the explosion but the name does reek bush…what about the HALIFAX BOOMERS? I know that some people think that naming a team after a tradgedy is bad, but it worked for the Atlanta Flames…(now in Calgary)…I think in a certain way, it would pay homage to the people that survived and rebuilt Halifax…Just think of the marketing around a Boomer/Bomber game!! lolllllll :shock:

Sea Hawks
Potato Heads


Nova Scotia Clippers

Nova Scotia Clippers

I like Clippers, Acadians, and escpecially Mariners. Sea Hawks are already NFL. I guess Mariners are baseball but I do like it. Hey I know another name for Mariner.....Jack-Tar! Just kidding. As far as Halifax getting a team before Quebec City, Thiefo, I think the CFL pole shows about 80% in favour of Halifax. Hey I'd like to see both, but CFL coast to coast is what the league and fans have wanted for a long time.

How about Scurvy Dogs

you do also know that the clippers are an NBA team, and therefore, quite lame. Personally, i'd go for the Halifax Hot Chocolate, because I love hot chocolate, and whythe hell does the name have to represent the city.

how about the Halifax Gladiators(i thinks thats Spelled wrong).


Finally! Someone noticed that. Why should the name be representative of the place?

There are no eskimos in Edmonton.

There are no tigers nor wildcats in Hamilton.

I don't recall seeing any alouettes in Montreal (might have been some, but enough to justify a team name? Seriously doubt it.)

There are no boatmen in Toronto.

There a re no renegades in Ottawa... err... wait... Forget that last one.

What about rams in St.Louis, padres in San Diego or sabers (???) in Buffalo?

We should all think beyond the sea for Halifax. Personally, my created team when I play Madden football has been the Halifax Renaissance for years. I thought of that because I figured a football franchise would help revitalize the place.

I really like Jack-Tars. Schooners and Explosion are good too but has anyone ever thought of names other than those three. They Could also be called the Breakers, Coalers, Harpoons, Harbourmen, Hawks, Whalers, Hurricanes, Dreadnaughts, or even Wolfpack. In the end my vote would probably go to Jack-Tars.