Re: It would be funny, if....

…it weren’t so sad.

In the fourth quarter a woman dressed in a Stegall jersey sat down in the row behind me. She was with a young child. As I sit in Box H she at first seemed to be peeved at the Hecklers saying things like “Yeah we’re winning” in a rather loud and obnoxious voice. Then on Porter’s drive for a late TD she kept cheering her D especially when the Cats did something good like getting a first down. I soon realized that this “lady” (a loose term I admit) had one or a dozen too many. At this point I considered reporting her but thought better of it. Probably someone else had told her to do something physically impossible which is why she was had sat behind me and she did have that young child in tow. I don’t think that seeing the inside of a police station (public intoxication being against the law) would necessarily have been the best for the youngster. Anyway I decided not to get involved.

Did I do the right thing, or should I have reported her? I am really torn by this ethical dilemma and would like some input (hopefully constructive). :wink:

Personally, I would have reported her to security or the police, especially since she had a young child in tow.

I have been confronted with similar situations in the past and always reported these losers and with good results.

I get the impression from your account of things that she was ‘drunk’, as in not just having some drinks. In that case, as bad as it is for the child to see a police station, its better then her seeing her mother dead behind the wheel if she drove or killed herself.

In a situation like that you shouldn’t second guess… never know what could happen.

On the other hand we all can't save the world. :?

How many times I see kids out there with degenerate parents but I have my own set of life's problems to deal with. :?

Earl ,I totally agree. If you are required by law to have a license to drive a car/fly a plane, you should have to undergo rigerous psychological tests before someone can legally operate/own a child :roll:

Hi Mike:

As a parent of two young children (8 and 5), my concern would also be for the youngster she had with her. My worry would be that she would get into a vehicle after the game and try to drive, putting the little one in danger. Even crossing a street could be perilous for the child.

Yes, the inside of a police station would not be the best circumstance for her child, but at least they would be safe there. That would be my paramount concern.

The police, especially those on stadium duty, are well experienced on how to handle these kind of situations, and I'm sure they would fully take her child into consideration in their procedure.

It is a tough one, Mike, and given the same scenario, not sure what I would. It's easy to make those kind of decisions sitting at my keyboard, but to be there facing it is entirely different.

You're a good and kind person to be thinking of them!!

Just to add to my original post:

The "lady" left with a minute or two left in the game. She said to her child "let's go get Daddy" so hopefully the father wasn't drinking and everyone made it home okay. At least I haven't heard of any fatal accidents from Friday night. :thup: