RE: Is the Ball really a huge issue???

I cant let this one slide, The NHL uses a puck :lol:

Bull the CFl ball is just fine, they brought down the size a bit from the 70's it spins as good.

I cant let this one slide, The NHL uses a puck :lol:

Yeah sorry that was really funny. Been reading to many articles about net size.

It is actually untrue that the CFL ball and NFL ball are different sizes. They used to be when the NFL used Wilson and the CFL used Spalding, but when the CFL went to Wilson as their supplier, the ball size was changed to a ball the exact same size as the NFL ball. The major difference these days is that the NFL ball has no stripes and the CFL ball has stripes.

I had posted a question in the old site about ball spin and had stated that the NFL ball seems to have a good spin on it when thrown by their QB's. The CFL QB's seem to have trouble getting a good spin on a CFL ball when it is thrown. One poster had replied to my message and said that this was due to the white stripe on the CFL ball, meaning you could see the wobble more on the ball and that the NFL ball would show up the same if it had a stripe too. I have to disagree as you can clearly see no wobble on an NFL ball when it is thrown, even in slo mo it has a good spin far as I can tell. If anyone else can shed any light on this go ahead. Too me the NFL ball looks smaller and thinner. maybe a mirage. :wink:

Too thinkgs the specs for the NFL and CFL overlap (read the specs on this site somewhere) but the CFL ball got smaller when they switched to Wilson from Spalding, but still in the specs for a CFL football, CFL football has a white stripe on both ends changing the way it appears compared to NFL ball, it is part illusion and part CFL being bigger, also CFl sees more long pass on across the field on a bigger field making the velocity different since it carries further. AC and a few CFL QB will zip the short pass in the middle but the one to the sidelines will appears to float more in light of the distance it has to travel.

I think the way the NFL and CFL footballs are stiched makes a difference. I remember when a sports program a couple years ago mentioned the balls are basically the same, but the way the CFL football is stiched it makes it bulge out differently.

I am not sure how true this is, but I have heard that NFL game balls are used for a week of practice before being used in a game, whereas the CFL balls are just out of the box when they are used in a game. The CFL balls sort of have a slippery film on the ball when they are barnd new making them tougher to grip properly, but the NFL balls are worn in a little bit come game time.

I remember Henry Burris saying last year or the year before that he finds the CFL balls easier to throw, can't remember the reason but maybe since they are brand new when they are used for games, they slide off the hand better. And the stripes, in my opinion, give the impression that more balls are thrown wobbly. From the NFL replays, if you look closely, there are lots of wobblers thrown, just more difficult to pick up the wobble without the stripes. I like the stripes, it is easier to see the ball on tv or in person.

Do you prefer this then Earl?

The NFL QB's have learned to control the inflation pressure better than the CFL QB's. That's the only difference