Fans how are you,
My name is Tony Stallings, former running back in CFL. I am on a serious quest to return after being released for reasons I still am unsure of. Nonetheless, that is behind me now. I look to help a team win the cup in 2009. My last game in the CFL was a 132 yard game on 6 total touches in the 2006 Western Semi Final (some of you may remember this game-I was #34) for the Calgary Stampeders. I was then released before the next season even started. I the went to the Arena League after that, and then to Europe, and was the MVP of Team Italy. We won the 2008 Superbowl over there this year. I had 1501 yards and 26 TD's. I am also a kick returner and had many big returns as well.
I have always been known to vibe really well with fans. So I am introducing myself now, hoping to be playing in front of you next year. I have no big time agents or anything like that to get me in the door of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I have never had it easy and do not expect to. All I have is faith and talent. I pray that I get a chance, and then the talent will do the rest.
You can see highlights of me on my website
To see: highlights of my MVP season in Europe, go to the "football" page. Underneath that screen after you watch that video, a link will take you to more highlights including my first ever CFL carry--a 63 yard run.
I am going to fight with all I have to sign with the CFL. Maybe it will be with the Ti-cats! We will see what the Lord has to say about it.
God Bless
Tony Stallings RB/KR

Good luck Tony. I saw that game and never quite understood why you couldn't find a home in the CFL.

[I have no big time agents or anything like that to get me in the door of the [u]Winnipeg Blue Bombers[/u]]

-Sorry Ti-Cat fans. That should have said "Hamilton Ti-cats". I had Winnipeg next in line to email them and I just noticed that I put their name in my post here. That's what happens whwen you email 8 teams at once. I am going to knock down every door in the CFL. Somebody is going to give me a chance, and it will be a great story when my time comes. Thanks for the encouragement@HfxTC



Unless you can play defensive or offensive line I'm afraid it just may be the Bummers.

Good luck in your quest to return to our league. It's still a great game.

Good luck in catching on with a team Tony I hope that you can.

I remember you and look forward to seeing you get another shot in the cfl. Find out whatever it is you need to do with rookie camps and tryouts and stuff cus they all have that stuff. people always told me I couldnt and wouldnt amount to anything but I never listened and kept at it and although they mostly turned out to be right........theres lots of examples of peeps they were wrong about. so keep the faith.

I hope find a Job Hamilton is Stacked at RB..
This where we have most Depth in the league.
I Really do hope you find a job GL to you

If you want a chance with the Cats, pimp your return skills.
We are seriously lacking there.
How are your hands?

Could you play a little slot-back?
That could be another option!

RB is VERY deep and talented!

Not to say that you could not get a camp invite, but with only 2 preseason games you would be in tough to get a fair shake.

Anyways I think that you hitting the fans websites is a grand idea and I will check traing camp rosters hoping you get a call!!!

I appreciate the kind words. And yes (to BlackandGold) I can return very well. That is one of my strengths. Playing in the Arena league for 3 seasons has helped make me a good reciever, so slot is not a problem. The only thing I don't play is CB or LB. You can check out the highlights at my website. I know it wil be tough. Just gotta be humble and persistant. Whatever it takes--message boards, campaigning, whatever.

Hello Mr. Stallings,
Actually our biggest needs are OT, so can you put on about 100 pounds, grow about 5 inches, and not lose any speed?
Or DT - you'll still need to put on about 60-80 pounds, grow a few inches, and keep speed also. Or even 50 punds and try out at DE?
How is your punting and place-kicking- if we lose Setta to the NFL we will be looking for a consistent KP- will be even more important than a KR or PR.

    All the above aside, [b]I wish you well in your endeavours [/b]- you have shown a lot of moxie and chutzpah by coming into this den of Tigers!

Yes, I do remember you. I figured you showed enough to be a CFL regular for 5-6 years but you kind of disappeared. I wish you well and hope you get an invitation to a CFL camp for 2009. This team is stacked but the Argos need help at RB. They used a Sask retread all year. Supposedly they have Tyler Ebell coming back off an achilles injury but who knows if he'll be 100%. You might have a decent shot in Toronto.

An Argo-Cat fan

wow you play in the Italian Football League? thats so cool! i read a book called “playing for pizzas” by John Grisham, best book i have EVER read i highly recommend it. it’s about an NFL reject QB who goes to play in the IFL to resurrect his career, it even mentioned the bergamo Lions. :smiley:

well anyways, great website man and i watched a few of the videos, those were some impressive highlights. Good luck. :thup:

Best of luck Tony, anyone who wants to play in the CFL is super with this guy. :thup: