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whats the international schedule?

I believe the author of this thread is referring to the “International Broadcast Schedule” and it’s a great request. I too would like to see it posted as soon as possible. Many of us who visit NFL sites could be dropping the link to this schedule in them for NFL fans. Many of them would watch the CFL if only they knew where to tune in to the games. This is a very easy way for us CFL fans to help promote our game into the U.S.and beyond…as an example, I started a thread in the San Diego Charger website just yesterday and as you can see by their responses, the common problem they have is access to the CFL on television…I hope the powers that be in the CFL offices take careful note of what the Charger fans are saying here.


click here to read thread in Chargers forum

The CFL has gone global…like outside of Alberta and beyond

kind of like McDonalds, Ferrari, George Bush, Bruce Springsteen…CFL.

So the next time you are at a game make sure you have your “glad rags” on and your hair combed into a side parting!!!

The world is watching…even if nobody from Arrrrrggggoville is…!

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Any word yet on US television outlets carrying the CFL this season? I watched on Empire, MSG, Altitude, etc. last year (DirecTV rules!). I gotta be able to watch my Wendy’s Friday Night Football in '05! :?: :!:

Contact via e-mail and they should be able to help you.

The Director of Broadcast is finalizing a schedule… I do not have an ETA for you… but it is on it’s way.

Stay tuned…


Thanks, man.

Just found out that America One Television will carry the 2005 CFL season.

Go to for info.

Just wondering if the International Broadcast Schedule is ready yet and if so when can we look forward to having it posted on the website?

I really enjoyed having it last year as it’s a great thing to be able to drop the link to it in NFL fan forums to further expose the CFL to them. I’ve found a lot of them very interested in becoming CFL fans if only they knew how and when to tune in.



It’s on the way - just waiting on confirmation from a few partners south of the border. Should be up before preseason begins.

Great!..looking forward to seeing the increase in TV coverage worldwide. We know the product we have, now it’s time the rest of the world knows!

Thanks Kahluaz! (one day you’ll have to explain your “username”…sounds like a good drink to me ! ) :smiley:


Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place on this site, but I have yet to see what International stations will be carrying the CFL this year.

The biggest one for me last year was “Empire Sports Network” out of up-state New York, but they are now out of business. Can anyone fill me in on the broadcast schedule??

Well, I am happy…old FSN Chicago did not carry it last year when other FSN stations were picking it up. Now my cable company switched from FSN Chicago to Comcast SportsNet Chicago. (I was not happy at first, since no longer could watch The Rush/AFL), now I looked at programming for next month and there are 2 games listed. Not alot…but hey, it is a start I guess. I just sent them an email asking for more and thanking them for covering the CFL.

Just wish they would pick it up for live games each week, not one every other week on tape delay.

I don’t understand why the CFL can’t get a better TV deal here.

You’re right Kanga we should be able to see games this year somewhere, but what really gets me is that ESPN (1 or 2) have actually shown Pro. Lawn Tractor Racing instead of a real sport like the CFL :evil:

…and the clock keeps ticking while we await for news…

Now they are showing [ESPN] The NFL’S MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, which is leaving ABC. :wink:

The CFL is on AMERICA ONE this year and has access to 70 million U.S. homes.

THANKS :smiley: 8)

The CFL had great coverage in the USA last season. This year however there has been no announcement as to where and when CFL games will be seen in the USA.

Could someone at the CFL PLEASE let us know which games will be on. A complete schedule would be wonderful!

America One only has local distribution and is not on any of the sattelite services or cable systems.