RE: Interesting Numbers from the roughriders

I’ve always considered CFL owners as fans and good citizens first and foremost. As your article makes clear, if they wanted to make mega-$$, there are alot better ways to do it than owning a CFL team.

I take my hat off to them all.

An Argo-Cat fan

You want to make boat loads money buy a NFL Team
If You want to Watch a Good Fast Game with less Chance for Profit buy a CFL Team or AFL Team.

Actually Tom, one makes money SELLING a NFL team… :wink: LOL

An offshoot of this: the NFL currently has an accumulated league debt of over $9 billion USD according to recent court filings. Much of that is attributable to the stadium-building of recent years and the financing involving that.

Oski Wee Wee,

wow russ thanks great read

The NFL carrying a big debt like this? Wow, I would have never imagined but to be honest with my very limited financial whereabouts, I have no idea how important this is in real terms.

I wonder what teams in the league actually come close to making money. After reading this I bet the Riders were the only ones.

I figured Bob would be losing money annually but with this article is could be much more than I originally thought.

The "problem" in the CFL is that unlike say a team like the Cardinals in the NFL that was drawing around 35,000 a game for years, hardly NFL numbers, the Cardinals were making gadzillions of dollars anyways because of the TV deal the NFL has along with sharing revenues. The small amounts the CFL gets from Canadian TV combined with the small stadiums, even with fairly low salaries, only allows for maybe only a very successful franchise to make a few bucks.

Which is why, some have said, the CFL model needs to be changed. If this is even possible and still have a professional league.

Just my guess but Bob probably invest more in the team than any other owner. Look at the changes at Ivor Wynne since he has taken over, scoreboard, more fan give-ways. I know some will probably disagree