Re: Interested Stat from Drew Edwards...

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost · 20h20 hours ago
#CFL teams playing with four days (or less) between games (as the #Ticats did last week vs. #BCLions) are 6-13 this season.

JFL ?@JamFilledLaser · 18h18 hours ago
@scratchingpost Does that count games where both teams have a short week? That would skew the numbers.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost · 18h18 hours ago
@JamFilledLaser Only situation where it's both teams is the two Labour Day rematches. So 4-11 if you remove them.

So the sky is not falling...


Thanks for posting Mike
We can add in the travel day thru 3 time Zones to boot.

The sky may not be falling but it could be on the brink as we have serious "O" Line problems with Bomben possibly out for the season with a broken wrist, along with Figs and Cord Howard injured.
Landon Rice and Marc Dile would have to be the replacements with little left in the cupboard to back up. :expressionless:

Why did we let Brian Simmons(an all-star last year) go?

Because at the time, we were overloaded in tackles. The multiple injuries happened a couple days later.

didn't want to pay the increase of salary since, as CFiO stated, we were overloaded?

This scheduling SNAFU is all on the League. There is no way an Eastern team should EVER have to play in BC with 5 days between games. Neither should they have to play a 22:00hrs EST game-time. This is a blatant advantage to BC.

That being said, the Lions should travel to Eastern games on full rest as well. It should be a level playing field.

That is crazy. Can anyone think of any other situation that leads to that much of a disadvantage?

… Besides playing for the Riders I mean.

Further to that point, out of curiosity I checked the schedule re: other eastern teams travelling to BC.
Both Ottawa and Toronto played BC coming off a bye week - pretty good advantage for them but NOT the Lions.
Montreal had a full week ( I think it was a Thursday to Thursday). Incidentally all of these teams won their BC games.
Of course the Lions are a young team and have just started to get everything together on offense and defense (think the 2013 Ticats) in the past 3-4 weeks. The most recent Eastern team to play in BC was Ottawa in week 12; both Montreal and TO played them in the first half of the season (weeks 5 and 9).

I agree that no Eastern team should travel to BC on any less than a full week's rest and vice versa especially late in the season when everyone is getting worn down. Looks like BC has travelled east twice this season when coming off of a bye week and once (Hamilton game) with 9 days between games. They will have a full week going into the game in TO this weekend.