Re: idea to welcome Kevin Glenn back to the hammer

Maybe he won't -- in fact, he probably won't -- but having a "weak arm" didn't stop him from taking his team to a Grey Cup. And there are plenty of QBs who aren't the "take charge leader" type that have won championships and plenty of those "take charge leader" types that have not won titles. There is no one prototype for a successful player anymore than there is one prototype for a successful coach. Anything can happen and all I'm saying is the "he cannot win a title" label has been affixed to many players over the years that ended up winning titles. It is unlikely, at this stage in his career, that Glenn will guide a team to a championship; however, anything can happen.

Sure anything can happen but that wont change my mind. He had 3 seasons to take this team deep in the playoffs and he failed.

Andy received a loud cheer when he came out of the tunnel at the start of the game. Once the game started he did not.

It doesn't take a top notch QB to win a Grey Cup, although it certainly does not hurt. Marcus Crandell was a Grey Cup MVP. In all fairness to Kerry Joseph, he at least had a good season the year he won his.

And all this time I thought football was a team sport...

Expanding on my previous post:

You can’t have it both ways. If you want to give Glenn ALL the blame for losing the East Final in 2011, then you have to give him ALL the credit for getting the team to the division final for the first time since 2001 (which they had also lost) and ALL the credit for taking the Bombers to the Grey Cup in 2007. Quarterbacks get too much credit when they win and too much blame when they lose. The memory that stands out for me from the 2011 East final is Chris Garrett romping all over our defense every time he touched the ball.

And during the same three year span you are talking about: 2009-2011, Burris’ teams failed to advance to the Grey Cup final, so by your logic, Burris was no better a quarterback than Glenn during that period.

I agree as well.

Look I have no personal grudge with KG. All I said was he would not win a Cup and IMO he was not a leader take charge type. He is a very good (not great QB) Maybe he would have won in 2007 if he did not get injured but but we will never know will we. This is not about what I want its about what I think and not you or anyone else on here will change my mind. There is a big difference between KG and Henry and thats a big fat ring on Henry's finger. The QB is the undisputed leader of a football team (again my opinion) and thats who people look at when they succeed and or fail.

I will cheer for KG when he comes out next game but be sure I will end right after that.

I agree as well,but come game time we welcome him back with 3 sacks,3 picks and a ticat win by 3 touchdowns! :slight_smile:

:rockin: thats what I'm saying. Lets be honest if Drew Tait was not out we wouldnt be talking about this

Kevin Glenn is a very good QB when he is “on”.
I expect Glenn to be super pumped up for this game.
Do you think that Glenn will be motivated to beat the team that dropped him for Burris.
Motivated is an understatement IMHO.
By the same token Burris should have the same motivation because he was dumped the same way by Hufnagel.
This could be 2 gunslingers shooting it out.
Lets hope it is Burris standing tall at games end!

just win...he's a big boy, he'll get over it (and gladly deposit his pay cheque)