Re: idea to welcome Kevin Glenn back to the hammer

When the Kevin Glenn for Henry Burris trade was announced I had an idea about how to welcome KG back to tiger town. At a game last year one of Hamilton’s corporate sponsors, Tim Hortons, gave away a large number of Kevin Glenn bobble head dolls. (It freaked my wife out as I had placed mine on our bedroom windowsill facing inwards - she had me turn it the other way - remember Chucky?)

Anyway, my idea was that all who still have their dolls, as I do, could bring them to the August 9th game and place them on top of the visiting team dugout in front of Box H. Some might be placed there as a voodoo curse, while others to show they don’t want “no stinkin’ dolls” (see Treasure of the Sierra Madre with Humphrey Bogart). There could even be those who place them there as a sign of respect and thanks for all of KG’s work as Ticat QB.

Two things I am worried about however are that security (or Calgary) might try to remove them, or, that some misguided fan might decide to throw his dolly. (Remember that could lead to ejection).

When Kevin Glenn was a Ticat, I was a huge supporter of him.
Kevin Glenn is a great QB, a great leader and a great guy.
When Kevin came to our team we needed a QB of his caliber and we improved under him.
I truly respect Kevin Glenn's professionalism.
Kevin Glenn is a great QB, but saying that,
IMHO Henry is that much better.

Kevin Glenn is a class act and we should treat him that way. He gave it all he could on and off the field. We should honour him with a loud cheer and standing ovation when he is introduced - it also shows players around the league that our fans have class and devotion to our players.

I agree.
Excellent post!

I could see doing something like that if he left as a free agent or demanded a trade. But tootragic is right, Kevin is a class act, and deserves to be welcomed back to Hamilton with open arms.

Glenn may not be the best QB in the business, although is a consummate professional and generous individual.

(As the recipient of the Tom Pate Award last season for exhibiting sportsmanship and a significant contribution to his team and community attests)

Lest we forget, KG did help the team rise from the abyss to attain respectability, stability and reinvigorated pride.
Hopefully cheers are bestowed over jeers upon his return to the Hammer. :thup:

that being said, I would not shed any tears if the Cats whooped Stampeder arse either. :smiley:

Glenn is a very good QB but a leader he is not.

This just sounds like a weird idea to me. Bringing bobble head dolls to a game to show support, or to mock him?

Maybe I just don't get it...

As I said, the reason for putting the bobble head doll on the top of the dug out could either be positive or negative. It is up to the fan him or herself for their reason for doing so.

I was wondering if nobody else wanted to do this? My lone bobble head will look out of place if it is the only one. :frowning:

Sorry bad idea. Why would we support him he is now the enemy. We can give him a cheer when he comes out but that is it.

I agree.

And besides, it's well documented on this forum that they look like "Cabbie" bobbleheads in a Glenn jersey.

He deserves a good cheer.
KG wasn't the problem with our previous team.
It was poor coaching.

No he was not the single problem but he is not and never will be a Grey Cup QB

I say we knock his block off!

The exact same thing was said about Henry Burris. The knock on him was that he couldn't win a championship... then he did. You're only not a Grey Cup QB until you win a Grey Cup. I remember people saying that Peyton Manning "couldn't win the big one" because he never beat Florida and then couldn't get by New England. Then he won and that ended that.

And let's not forget that all that stands between Glenn and a championship is a Charles Roberts fumble that led to Glenn getting a broken arm. Can't say for sure, but I think Winnipeg would have beat Saskatchewan with Glenn. They only lost by four with Dinwiddie throwing three picks. You have to think that Glenn is worth at least five points for Winnipeg.

To be fair to Burris, he was more than a .500 QB before he won his Grey Cup.

I agree 100% that Winnipeg would have won the Grey Cup if Glenn has been healthy in 2007.

Glenn was not the single problem with our team but the playoffs last year summarized our 3 years with Glenn. Amazing one game, can't move the ball the next.

Glenn was what we needed at the time. A guy who could give us some stability while players matured and got better. After another .500 season last year, it was time to upgrade our QB position. After a terrible game 1, Burris has been very good.

Lets just not do what Sask did to welcome Hank and Andy back, Very bad move. But we sure as hell don't want Glenn to beat us do we. Calgary has a tough team and you can bet Glenn and company would love to lay a beating on us.

Right. Just like Winnipeg would have won in 2001, when they had a 14-4 record, K Jones and Stegall were lighting up the league, and Calgary had no business even being there with their 8-10 record. Except that Calgary won. As they say, that's why they play the games. This ain't fantasy football.

There's a reason "Grey Cup-Winning QB" is an exclusive club. They don't let just anyone in. And you're simply not in the club unless you've won the game. Fortunately, 2007 was still fairly early in Glenn's career, so he's had four more shots (and counting) at getting to the big show to establish his legacy.

You don't see a whole lot of Hall of Fame inductions that contain the phrases, "almost won a championship" or "almost won the league MOP award." And especially not, "QB'd his teams to three post-season wins in just 12 seasons."

The HOF is an even more exclusive club that is reserved for players the calibre of Burris, Ray and Calvillo. That is, those who had actual success -- not just near-success, or success in games that don't really matter, or posting good stats in a losing effort.

I never judge QBs on wins and losses. I think it is a useless stat. Last year, Buck Pierce "won" 11 games as the QB for the Bombers and went to the Grey Cup, but he wasn't the second-best QB last year. Conversely, Steven Jyles
"lost" double-digit games when he started for the Bombers in 2010, but finished with 19 TD passes, seven INTs and a QB rating over 100. By any statistical measure other than wins, Jyles had a good season in 2010. Judging a QB on wins and losses has never and will never makes sense.

The difference here is that Winnipeg didn't lose their best player heading into the Grey Cup in 2001. If Burris gets hurt in the East Final this year and the Cats lose the Grey Cup, you don't think that his injury would be the major reason why?

Kerry Joseph is in that club, don't forget.

Who said anything about the Hall of Fame? There are also some championship-winning QBs who won't ever get into the Hall of Fame (once again, Kerry Joseph) and some QBs that never won a title that are (Dan Marino in the NFL being the prime example). But this is moot because no one said anything about Glenn getting into the Hall of Fame. Even if he won a Grey Cup, I don't think he'd be a Hall of Famer.

im willing to bet money that Glenn will not win a Cup as a starter. Like I said he is talented but has a weak arm and is not a take charge leader.