Re: I hope IWS 2.0 goes more smoothly than....

Not sure what the fall back plan for 2014 would be if there is a delay. I saw the city has asked the province to cover any additional costs, but is it reasonable to assume they will while running such huge deficits? IIRC the plan for 2013 will be announced by the Cats this month or next (as per Scott Mitchell's last comment on the subject). The next two months will definitely be very interesting as a prelude to a very interesting 2012 season.


A delay would be disastrous. Already losing a season to another city, presumably, is bad enough. I really hope we are being told the truth as far as timeframe. For what it's worth, I do have trust.

Considering how smoothly this whole process has gone :roll: I wouldn't get hopes up. That said we are due for some positive vibes regarding IWS 2.0

No Kidding,

Its sad that winnie the pooh ville is having the problems they're having finishing their new stadium.

It makes me wonder, how did they build Maple Leaf Gardens in 5 months, 2 weeks? The Chicago Stadium was built in 8 months back in the day. I know they're hockey arenas and smaller than a football stadium and these are different times, but whatever happened to the expedience of our construction industry?

Winnipeg played their last game at Canad Inns stadium the first week of November, so they thought. They were confident that they would be in the new stadium for their first pre-season game in June now it may not even happen in Ocotber??? Good chance it won't be this season at all. Their stadium has been under construction since April 2010.

Can the new IWS be constructed in 18 months? first of all the construction can't begin until the old stadium is demolished and cleared, that could take several months. Winnipeg's new stadium is on a new site that didn't have to be cleared. Looks like over two and half years of construction. I would say not only look at options to play home games in 013 somewhere else but also keep their options open to play somewhere else in 014.

It certainly is not an easy feat, but one that must be overcome. Losing two years is just unacceptable, especially when we went through the song and dance about the different locations, which could have been built much quicker.

Hmmm ... weren't there any other sites in Hamilton that would have been a suitable place to build a new stadium?

(just kidding)

No. :wink:


This would have been the best place for IWS2 . . . .

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