Re: I don't believe in Jinxes

Hence I will say it right now, I have a bad feeling about today's game. It reminds me of the second game of the 1966 Eastern Conference 2 game total points final:

Ottawa Rough Riders @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats

November 13 Ottawa Rough Riders 30 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 1

Eastern Finals – Game 2 Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Ottawa Rough Riders

November 19 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 16 Ottawa Rough Riders 42

We were soundly thrashed and it is a pain I still feel today (49 years later).

I hope, and pray that I am wrong and that we will be repeating the second game of the 1972 Eastern Conference 2 game total points final:

Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Ottawa Rough Riders

November 18 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 7 Ottawa Rough Riders 19

Eastern Finals – Game 2 Ottawa Rough Riders @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats

November 26 Ottawa Rough Riders 8 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23

I was at that game and remember thinking it erased some of the stain on my soul from 1966.

Go get 'em Cats for all of the other then 10 year olds who still have the sour memory of 1966. The third time will be a charm.


Perk up Mike, not the same two teams as back in the day. Whole new ballgame and we have to believe that our boys are going to take this one. Ottawa is easily beatable by more than six points, be optimistic, the day is not done yet, wait.....not even started. No dark shadows today. let's just get it done.

Interesting facts. The last time Ottawa hosted a playoff game was in 1983. Oklahoma QB was JC Watts, this time around Oklahoma QB Henry Burris, The Prime Minister was Pierre Trudeau, now Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau. Hamilton won the game 33-31.

Todays game, although not the playoff game, may as well be.

Hopefully they win the game today 37-31. :wink:

I'm thinking the game won't be that close, but it will be a battle.

It also won't be that high scoring. For all you betters out there, word to the wise the Over/Under for this game is listed currently at 48.5 pts and the RB's are currently favoured by 5. Take the Under and the Cats + 5. Because like Photo1 said it will be a battle.

longtimefan, the second part of my post was hopeful. If this is a repeat of 72 we have it in the bag. Sorry if I sounded overly negative, I was just feeling the parallel's in the 1966 ECF 2 game total point series and wanted to prove I am not superstitious at all by enunciating my thoughts. If I was superstitious I would not have mentioned it - thinking by doing so the Cats would have a better chance.

Oskee Wee Wee - oh yeah, and Eat 'Em Raw as well.


This is like a playoff game and the Ticats have been there before and KNOW how to win. Ottawa has not! More pressure on them to win in front of their home crowd. Hank might try to do to much and out D can grab themselves some picks. Our guys just need to keep their heads if the opponents (or crowd) try to get on them, let the OTRBs take the dumb penalties and of course come home with the WIN! :smiley: :rockin: :cowboy: