RE: How bout them BBs

see ya Kanga when the action starts.......things are going to really be interesting in the West......

I think will see if the changes to the secondary have work after the two games with edmonton

I think the secondary will be interesting, if samuels is as good as the papers say, he did have to play againts the hurricanes and covered teamates javon walker (GB) and Larvares coles sp (WAS) im high on time carter, ive been too evry game in the last 6 yrs and the time i have seen carter play hes impressed me, and i also like maquess fitzgerld, LB is strong in my opinion and i love the D line its gonna surprise alot of people this year, i hope tom canada is more conditionond this year casue he was a stud, come sept he was ground beef. the Oline is still a ? mark to me aswell as the qb situation, i would like to see martin, but wynn is also very intriging, but glenn seems very solid in camp, and charile will be charlie and every time he oes over 100 we WILL WIN this yearand his rec #s will be nice this yr too all in all, with a shaky D we will make the playoffs at 9 and 9

Bombers win by 6

depends on which team wants to have the better 'look-see'....definitely a time to try out everyone.... you' re not going to have your no.1 team out there...but if you come out with a win.....o.k. :roll: .....BOMBERS by ten.

The BB's are shaping together a great camp. I'm looking forward to what the blue crew training offers us, and exhibition games will be like. I think the coaching staff Daley brought in is doing a great job with the players we have to look forward to.

Canada - Fleming - Brown - Young

I can hardly wait to feast my eyes on our defense and offense on the field. We'll be a good team I reckon.

I just got back from the game - typical mistake-riddled, penalty filled, ugly preseason garbage, but I got a good feel for what to expect.

As an Eskimo fan, this is what I saw:

  • Spurgeon Wynn is your best QB. He shows a lot of pomise.
  • Winnipeg's defense is pretty solid. With Fleming in the lineup, their pass rush will be really good
  • Bombers special teams looked solid - kicking (except for Westwood's shaked punt) and kick returns were impressive
  • Without Stegall, the talent at receiver looks pretty thin - but then again, it might have only looked that way because of the inconsistent QBs tonight

I think the Bombers troubles this year will mostly be on the offensive side of things.

This is just what I saw from one preseason tonight, and I'm not claiming to be an expert. What does everyone else think?

I thought both young QB'S sounded pretty good....Michna and Johnson......promising for both teams.......I only listened to the game and being there would have given me a better perspective....but it sounds like Ray is the same successful Qb. as before he left.....pretty hard to get much else out of pre-season games except guys trying to win a spot....I do agree about the punting.....TROY.... leave that part of the game to Jon. :idea:

I have a feeling there's going to be big changes on the horizon for this team before the season's out. They're definitely going to swing a deal for either an O lineman, defensive back or receiver by getting rid of one of their QB's because all three of those areas are in dire need of improvement. But like I said in another thread, the Bombers hurt themselves just as much as the Riders hurt them. They basically gave the Riders their first 16 points. Two horrible gaffes on special teams plus poor blocking which led to the blocked punt and then the safety.

Cloman has got to go! I cant believe Stoddard sat for him!

Kanga Kucha said:

Roberts was good, if it was a team of all Chales Roberts, we would have do better!

Roberts had 8 yards rushing, and 25 yards receiving! Yeah he is a pretty good player, but NOT last night. But come to think of it, his "production" was 22% of their net offense - pretty funny really :lol:

totally agree BC got beat up and down the field all game. I barely had a chance to sit in my seat cuz the bombers kept finding the turtle amn. and you know why. Cuz We Got MILT.