Re: head up race to see who is fastest...

I wrote this in the last game thread:

In case it got missed by the team I thought I would start a thread to be noticed. This would be a treat for both the fans and the players. Since it is October (United Way month) I hope my suggestion about raising money for charity will be considered as well.


Nice sentiment although not sure how many people would be willing to pay to see a one-time three way race between these guys..
Grant stated earlier this week that he was likely the fastest between the three with Williams coming in second and Thigpen third.


Put Peter Dyakowski in the race too just for fun. Seriously....I'm sure that would bring quite a few extra people.

Sometimes a team doesn't like to boost their fastest players times, it may help the opposition to match their defense to them.

That's a good point catfish.

I'd love to see it though. I'd have to say Dyakowski is the fastest. Just ask him lol.

I thought Williams was the fastest. He was a track star in college, IIRC.

For sure that Peter can really fly. :slight_smile:

I’d much rather see a cage match between Jiminez and Mosca. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes would be a great idea. Just a note to the clowns on TSN half time show - YES YOU CAN TEACH SPEED!!
I've heard that cliche a few times - "he's got speed and you just can't teach that" yes you can!! I am a runner and when I was in Uni we had a coach that coached the runners and taught them how to get faster.
He was invited to the Ticat training camp a few years ago make the players run faster, yes to teach speed!

There's still a kernel of truth to what the panel is saying. Even though speed is more teachable than, say, height. There are things you can do to come closer to reaching your best potential speed, but due to physiological and neurological differences, some people still have greater potential than others. I think the interesting question is how close players at skill positions in football are to their best potential speed. I would think guys who ran track for a long time should be closer, as they've spent more time training their muscles to fire at max speed under ideal conditions (on spikes using efficient form, not encumbered by football equipment). They're also likely to have spent more time over the years doing box jumps and other plyometrics.

Perhaps the TSN panel was suggesting that you can teach speed to a rabbit but not to a turtle. As for the speed of Peter Dyakowski. he has been leading the blocking downfield this year like never before. He will be an eastern all star this year.

Pat Lynch(the old and much slower guy)

He better be. That block on the Grant 89 yard run was crazy.

why not have a Race for charity for Hamilton Food Bank.

Id love to see them race as well and I thought it was a great idea after hearing them talk about it on the TSN panel but lets be real its not going to be a money maker, it would make a great ticats tv clip though.

If this ever does happen I have Williams as winning but I could see grant beating him out however I cant see Thiggy winning.

Im not putting down the idea because I would like to see it as well, but I think the risk of injury would be too great for the team to ever make this happen...understandable...your always one injury away from ending your career.

How about a race between Dyakowski and Kevin Glenn :wink:

A new way to reinvigorate the Hamilton/Toronto rivalry with Bellefeuille vs Barker.

It may be a 2 minute 40 yd dash, but I believe Marcel would reign supreme. :stuck_out_tongue:

You realize we are just talking about a race right...

Many a sprinter has pulled up lame (pulled hammy) in a race. There is a risk to any athletic endeavour, but hopefully that wouldn't be enough to "wet-blanket" my idea. :slight_smile:

I think the audience might run the risk of falling asleep during a race between PD and KG. :wink:

theres a risk involved with walking to the dressing rooms after practice, these players run on each play so to say they would get hurt in a short dash is kinda silly. As for this being your idea I just wanna make sure you know they came up with it on tsn.