RE: Has any team won by Cross Over or OT loss???

I dont believe anyone got into playoff because of an overtime loss but they only used the point for a couple of years till they got rid of it

3 year to be exact

I’m SO glad they got rid of the OT loss point … now if only the NHL would follow suit, and award 3 points for a win …

I don’t really like the crossover rule, but it does make for some interesting late-season scenarios - also, I think considering the uneven divisions (always in size, sometimes in quality), it’s probably better to have it than to not. But, when (not if, when!) the CFL gets to 10 teams, I hope they abandon the crossover - whether to go to 3 or 4 teams from each division into the playoffs.

One thing about the crossover rule - you can only cross over if you have MORE points than the other div’s 3rd-place team. If you’re tied on points, no crossover.

I think that the team to make the GREY with the worst regular season record was, OTTAWA …They made it to the GREY CUP with a 5 and 11 season and almost beat EDMONTON [Ottawa , had a 20 to 0 lead at half time]

BUT… DAMON ALLEN …came in and once again and save the day for, EDMONTON.

The CUP game was played in B.C…but I can’t remember the year. It was the time when they won 5 CUPS , in a row.

Edmonton , fans should know…sorry. :wink: :smiley:

No one has won the grey cup by crossing over to the east. However, the bombers won the cup as the East team. That wasn’t because of crossover, they were in the East conference all year.

In 81 it was Warrin Moon who started and finished the game for the Eskimos not Allen, It was Allen who came in and beat the Argos in 87 after Dunigan went out with an injury.

You are right thanks, I couldn’t remember the details.