Re: Hall to Ticats?

This story provides some context to the issue....

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I see Hall much the same as I see Stubler. A great defensive mind but I'm not sure about the offensive side. I think there would be a lot of Danny Barret mentality if Hall were a head coach. I think he is one heck of a D coach but I think that is where he should stay. Just my opinion...

good luck wherever he goes and i think he's leaving this year. Many changes in Ridervile to come

Sorry, but going to Steeltown as a DC is not exactly like winning the prize pig .

RH is just feeling out all options, and why not.

Why would you leave a stable organization to go to the "Gong show" in Hamilton? A lateral move by any description.

hey come on now.. a team can only get better if it hires the right people for the job!

Hamilton has to get better! the right personnel will make a difference!

just be careful, all it takes is for a couple of bad moves and the Riders could easily be where they are too..

While I can see Richie going, I think he would want to go for a HC job.

I read the leader post article....I seriously hope Eric was joking when he said he wasn't going to let Marcel talk to him unless there was no talk of a job offer. I mean really, he let Austin go down to his old school and Austin still had a year to go at least on his contract. Richie has a two and half months at the most.

And herein lies the problem...

Everybody wants Hamilton to get better (for the good of the league and all that), but not at the expense of their team...

And Hamilton's in no position to take a risk on some American with no experience (i.e. Trestman, Hufnagel)... they need someone proven in the CFL.

Saskatchewan will be good whether they have Hall or not... they'll find someone perfectly suited to take his place... after all, Tillman's the best GM in the league.... Let us have Hall :smiley:

And just remember, Saskatchewan was the 'gong show' of the league for many years, so don't criticize.

No deal.

Good grief. We already gave you Rocky Butler, Jason French and Jason Armstead. All we asked for was an old kick returner, a safety, a couple slotbacks, a couple DBs and an offensive tackle so there wasn't any optics of charity, and now you're back for more?

Ya, thanks for that by the way... :roll:

If you're feeling that guilty, that Rodriguez kid could probably come over and we'll call things square....

No not Rodriguez... we'll give you Lawrence Gordon instead :smiley:

The guy that sang "Strange Animal"?

No no...that was Lawrence Gowan...I'm sure he was a much better singer than Gordon...

Probably a better football player too.

Entirely possible...bordering on probable...

LMAO!! Wow, even non-Hamilton fans agree with our assessment on Gordon.

I was thinking Of Giving them Tony Miles and Bucket of Footballs.
I like Gordon