Re: Glenn McKay

I see he has been activated for tomorrow's game. Although listed as third string on the Depth Chart, I seem to remember a player last year who was third string who then had a great year. Here is what I said about him after the Winnipeg exhibition game and his subsequently being cut:

I'm really surprised that Glenn McKay was cut. He really impressed me in the Winnipeg game. He caught everything thrown his way.


Sure he may turn out to another "never was", but I really liked how he caught the ball in that exhibition game. (groaner alert) He caught everything but a cold. :lol:

this guy has got what it takes, i remember at the black and gold game, he never missed a pass and made an AMAZING one handed grab that caught the attention of everybody there

this guy is waiting to bust out, all he needs is a chance, he reminds me of Dressler a lot and if hes even half the player Dressler is, then we got ourselves a ball player!

Thays good news, I also notice Barker is not on the list! Anyone have info on this?