Re: Gibson’s Finest RIDER Fan (NEED YOUR HELP)

well first off, voting has ended. so I can't vote.

and I find the picture inappropriate. Burris left how many seasons ago? isn't it time we all moved on?

everyone giving the middle finger to Burris is not exactly what you'd call maintain a level of class amongst Rider Fans. :roll:

Burris is done in Calgary anyway so can't we finally find peace with it?

If you're looking for a family-friendly option to represent Rider Nation, I invite you to visit the Gibson's site and vote for Barry S.

Before you go, take a minute to view my video to show how I put the 'FAN' in 'FANATIC'!

Hey - my kids are even named after the team!

Hopefully, I can win your vote, and get a chance to have my family and I win the trip to the 99th Grey Cup!

Thank you!

Barry S.

Wow. And you wonder why Burris wanted to leave. I will be voting daily for Barry S. Just so she doesn't win.

....we all do things we regret later, Alisha was pretty apologetic about it...don't hold it against her

Thank you , Taleback - and everyone else who is voting! REALLY hoping to get my family to experience Grey Cup, and it can only be done with your votes!

Thanks for being forgiving guys ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I've had the opportunity of talk back and forth a bit with Alisha - as my mother liked to say 'Bless and Release'. She's a good fan, and worthy of your votes, so get on to the Gibson's facebook site and make you votes!