Re: "free" vanity licence plates

Not quite "free" but nonetheless, my wife recently got a new Ontario car licence plate and the first four characters began with "BJ" so I was thinking that before long they will be up to "CATS". When they become available, hopefully in Hamilton, I plan to get in line for new plates for my car. Call me a tightwad when it comes to purchasing a vanity plate honouring the "best" CFL team, but you sure can't beat the price. :lol:

If you're not cheap and you're impatient, you could always go for the official TiCats plate

[url=] ... T06_023115[/url]

(scroll down to near the bottom)

By my hasty calculations, somewhere over 600,000 more cars need to be registered. I'd do better with a calculator and if I cared more. :slight_smile:

With the New Logo? cool!

Unfortunately I am cheap. :cowboy:

But thanks anyway...

Well with close to 7,000,000 cars on the road, your 600,000 number ( :wink: ) really shouldn't take long (a year or 2, maybe?) to be registered.

[url=] ... cfm?attr=0[/url]