RE: Forum Guidelines

i was thinking it was about itme for this to come. good to this site is rolloing again.

ok, sounds good. Just one question... is hell and/or damn offencive language?

ya we should get some specifics on the language, some people might improv

I hardly think that the admins are going to list all the words which would be deemed offensive. Personally, I like to post in the same manner I would speak at a family function with kids and grandparents around. That self imposed guideline generally works for me.

Common sense usually works too!


As one of the moderators of this forum, here's the skinny:

If you post something that has a four-letter word deemed profane, the word and/or post will be deleted. If the good-natured ribbing expands into personal attacks on specific forum users, the posts/topic will be deleted and the person responsible may be banned from the forum. Warnings will be issued prior to anyone being banned but repeated bad behaviour will not be accepted.

It's basic - there are forum users of all ages on here and we want to make this a friendly, lively discussion board that is dedicated to Canadian football.

Here's to the 2005 season!


P.S. Damn and hell are fine by me.

from my experience common sense isnt something to lean up against.

from my experience common sense doesnt seem to be that common

right now im willing to take any kind of sense.

I'm from the states....did someone say common sense???? We have none of that down here (just look at our president11)

whats the CFL situation down south?

whats the CFL situation down south?

I can only speak for myself and a few childhood friends in N.Y. State, But we LOVE the CFL. As far as how ratings are on telling since I don't work in the industry, but I'm sure that the CFL must have some stats regarding viewership in the U.S.

I would have to guess though that between young sports fans ( who are very opened minded if exposed to new things without the prejudice of adults) and...transplanted Canadians, the U.S. ratings must be respectable at the very least.

apparently guidelines wil always be broken as people seem incapable of intelliegence. i believe the intentions of keeping things clean are good and i wouldn't want to be responsible for going around deleting posts deemed to violate the listed guidelines but when certain posters go out of their way to test how far they can break them before getting booted and no one seems to care too much someone should at least be reminding them of what is acceptable. and gadescup when you read this you can wirte me another intelligent email if it makes you feel like a big man.. but someday you will get out of high school(hopefully by graduating) and you will realize that immaturity is not a virtue.

your parents must be so proud

when are there gonna be mod psoitions available, so we can stop people like this.

We are currently monitoring the forums to see who might qualify for to be a forum moderator.


am i anywhere near being considered for being miniotred for a mod position

i dont think i could be trusted with that... one i am not here often enough and two i would probably wind up abusing it, like i would provoke someone to say somethin to me then i would do whatever was in my power to make their lives harder... wow.. im a bastard

seriously, i wanna know if i have any chance of being a mod.

This forum has been good. Most of the posters show respect for the opinions of others without attacking or belittling. In the old Huddle things could get pretty harsh. There was too much smack sometimes just for the sake of stirring people up and getting attention. Most of the originals who actually love and talked football have now joined this new forum. Don't get me wrong, smack can be pretty humorous at times, but it shouldn't get personal.