Re: Expansion Commissioner

Ever since Jefferey Orridge became Commissioner I've noticed that there's hardly any news about CFL expansion. The CFL needs a 10th team in order to grow, and needs someone with a vision and good leadership to make that happen. If you want fans in Toronto to get excited, than bring in more teams, high calibre players, raise the salary cap and heck throw in a Canadian Quarterback and I'll come out again. When Doug Flutie and Rocket Ismael were here attendance was much higher!

No, they need a place to play. Until a city provides that, there's nothing to talk about.

When Doug Flutie was their QB, the Argos averaged about 17,000 fans at home games.

I don't think there's been any less news about expansion since the BOG hired Orridge. I don't think there's much news to tell, just as there hasn't been since Ottawa re-rejoined the league.

Every once in a while, there are small news items about expansion to Halifax progressing behind the scenes, but until they find funding for a stadium, that's all we'll see.

I really don't think raising the salary cap would have any effect on attendance in Toronto, and the league already gets the second highest calibre of players in the world, which isn't about to change unless the NFL somehow disappears. Ismael did indeed attract attention since he was projected as a high NFL pick, but he didn't draw enough attention to make the investment in him worthwhile, and it almost bankrupted the league. Having Flutie had very little effect on attendance since he was deemed of second-highest calibre rather than NFL calibre at that time, just like everyone else in the CFL.

Flutie and Rocket and Candy helped big time. Toronto Argos got a lot more than 17,000...... Some games they had over 40,000 to 50,0000

RedDog44 wrote:
"If you want fans in Toronto to get excited, than bring in more teams, high calibre players, raise the salary cap and heck throw in a Canadian Quarterback and I'll come out again."

Real sports fans go to the games who ever their players are. If more people don't start going to BMO field the Argo will eventually fold. CFL fans have to realise that this is also a gate driven league.

Flutie was not part of the John Candy and Rocket years in Toronto. Flutie years in Toronto did not bring in the crowds to Skydome even with a winning team . This was a real disappointment after the failed US experiment . 1996 and 97 were very lean years for the CFL when it almost imploded .

I do agree that expansion is the number one priority to get a 5th team in the East , 2nd get live streaming of games ,
3rd get in the video gaming market and 4th get the big game on one of the main networks whether it's global TV or CTV .

At the state of the league presser at the GC, Orridge was aksed about expansion.

Aside from the need of having the 3 pillars, ownership, venue and market (corporate support), he said there is no active file but they're open for business.

Nothing else Orridge can do or say at this time on this matter.

Right now the league doesnt have any of the 3.

Until some ownership in a large enough market starts to take interest, expansion in the CFL is a non issue, it wont happen.

There has to be an owner who is willing to start the ball rolling. No owner (ownership group), no team, bottom line, end of discussion.

Sadly, I agree. We won't see it before 2025 - and that is optimistic.

The goal will be to keep the 9 healthy and happy.

Whoever was there when the crowds attended the bigger question is "How much did those folks pay for tickets?"

Bums in seats mean little without money in the till.
That is why only Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are in the top 10 of NHL franchise value; Edmonton and Calgary on either side of 15th, Ottawa #20 and Winnipeg #21 - High attendance at low ticket prices is deceptive, and the reason why Quebec City, for all its hockey fervor is no slam dunk success story; the BIG point in their favour is that Quebecor would eat losses as long as they need the programming for TVA/TVA Sports.

You can livestream games on the TSN website.

OK, let's bring some facts in here since you seem to do nothing but spin wild tales from your imagination.

The 1991 Argos with Rocket had ONE regular-season crowd over 40,000 and one playoff game crowd over 50,000. Averaged 36,304.

The 1992 Argos with Rocket had ONE regular-season crowd over 40,000. Averaged 32,053.

The 1996 Argos with Flutie averaged 20,432 and had a high of 27,209.

The 1997 Argos with Flutie averaged 18,226 and had a high of 24,083.

No TSN game streaming live if you are not a cable or sat customer in Canada . You need to have something for those that don't want cable etc... .

Much as I believe Orridge to be a slightly below average commissioner I think he's right to avoid talking about expansion - the guy might present as a bit morbid and slow-footed but he's a realist.

He refuses to paint a white elephant for football fans and the media when he knows the CFL is NOT the primary decision maker in franchise expansion.

Cities like Halifax, London, Quebec City, Saskatoon, even Moncton must have viable stadium capable of holding 22,000 PLUS (I think that's a bare minimum so long as the facility has the necessary sponsor boxes and advertising capabilities.

The days of routine crowds in the 28,000 to 40,000 are now few and far between. Commonwealth & BC Place are the largest facilities - The Lions seldom generate more than 25,000 while the CFL's model franchise routinely draws 25,000 to 37,000, rarely more.

Much to the chagrin of Manitoba taxpayers (who funded 100% of IGF Stadium) the bombers will see crowds of 22,000 to 27,000 except for their annual Banjo Bowl affair where 5,000+ of sellout comprises Sask'n fans).

Ottawa is working well with a 24,450 capacity, same with the tinderbox in Hamilton, even less in Montreal - about the same in the country's largest city (TO)

Calgary still draws decent to an antiquated facility but their crowds have been slowly dropping even with their recent success under Hufnagel, Dickenson and Bully Ray Cyrus (Mitchell). . . . lots of 28,000 to 31,500 crowds.

Saskatchewan's new facility should see some great birthday F/X - mostly sellouts of 31,000 to 33,000 but perhaps only this season and next - unless that Tennessee ChickenHawk can reverse the course!

I agree with QQ.

We have 9 teams because we have 9 stadiums.

Expand where ? QC is not interested and Halifax is to small.

No Gov branch is going to fund a stadium.

This comes up now and then. Some here want a 10 th team just to balance the schedule and even the divisions. :roll:
Those are the wrong reasons to expand.

We all need to be patient with this while idea. The CFL cannot afford to be rash and do things without due process.

They will do it when it's guaranteed not to fail and guaranteed to be successful on all fronts.

Let's just be patient and I'd love to see a 10th team as bad as the rest of you but I don't want to see a bad decision.

Well said! :thup:

Biggest problem for cities salivating at getting a CFL franchise?

Easy. Build a stadium!

Cheapest stadiums require a fairly large plot of land - central, if possible (we see what happened when they put the Winnipeg facility out near the university) plus a ton of planned infrastructure (plumbing, electricity, parking, etc.)

Even a basic stadium (ie. 2 concrete slabs serving as grandstands, a small endzone bowl, some basic facilities for corporate boxes, offices, etc.) would be in the neighborhood of $120 million. There's not gonna be a large lineup of corporate greed dudes lined up to pay for such facilities - in fact, the sad truth is that these types of things only get built by government (combinations of fed, provincial, civic).

With the prospect of such a facility being used for just 9 regular season pro football contests plus one or two annual rock concerts & maybe lease-outs to the local car dealer consortium for BIG LOT SALES the prospect of return on investment is nil to none!

Winnipeg was able to con the brains off one of the saddest excuses for human excrement in former Premier Greg Selinger - who anteed up for nearly $200 million (and counting) while in power. Selinger was unseated in the last election - now basically spitting up in his bath robe at the state mental institution - aka Manitoba Legislature) - a shell of his former combative self. The NDP (his party) needs about 10 to 12 years before becoming a factor in Manitoba politics such was the damage done by Selinger and his cronies (IGF fiasco only part of this deadbeat's legacy)

Only prospects left for Slinger is if they make another John Wayne Gacey movie - Selinger is a dead-ringer for the old serial murderer.

Thank you pw. I just shook my head when I read A---ss Media's post