Re: email I sent to Rogers today

For what its worth...

Hi there.

I spoke to Lindsay today regarding interaction number XXXX. She was very helpful to me and she suggested I send this email. The issue I have with Rogers has nothing to do with the excellent customer service I have received since 2006 but rather the promotion that Rogers does of the NFL (Buffalo Bills in Toronto, specifically) which I believe is to the detriment of the only league I feel passionate about - the CFL. I find that I am forced to switch cell phone providers after October 23 (when my current contract expires) as I don't wish to financially support the NFL in any way. I can only hope that my next provider exhibits the same excellent customer service as Rogers has for the last 4 years.

In closing, let me say that if Rogers ends its NFL support I would be very likely to return as a customer. I hope that if enough customers take the time to share their feeling with you a positive change may occur.

Thanks, Mike

Good on ya Mike. While I don't have a cell phone (I know, I'm a cave man :slight_smile: ) I could write a letter stating why I no longer go to Blue Jays games any more and of course, wouldn't consider going to one of these Bills games.

What bugs me is I used to like going to the odd Blue Jays game before Rogers started all this and now I'm turned off baseball and the Blue Jays. Bugs me but that is what has happened. It's too bad.

Thanks for the support Earl.

Being in Customer Service myself I know that successful large companies know that if one person complains to them, there are probably many other customers who feel the same way but don't take the time to complain. So Mike's "little voice in the wind" hopefully will be seen by Rogers as a full blown hurricane.

Please ask Rogers to fix the dead zone near Indian Line in "downtown" drives me crazy whenever I'm service, dropped calls every time.......grrrrrr :x

You heart is in the right place, Mike. The sad fact is that companies only care about profit. I am sure most of them would sell away any bit of Canadiana they could to make a few extra million.

Sad but true. :frowning:

You've done the right thing, Mike.
I'm not a Rogers subscriber. If I were I'd be tempted to do exactly the same.

It is true that money talks, and profits do matter. Rogers must be feeling some kind of pinch. They are losing money on the Blue Jays, because fans are staying away in droves. And there are definitely losses being incurred in the entire Buffalo Bills experiment. In spite of all that, they may still be making profits with so many irons in the fire.

One can only hope for good results. Constant pressure certainly does no harm. At the very least, if the public is aware of the discontent, it can only raise awareness.

Deerhunter, I would like to complain to Rogers for you, but you can yourself, through this link:

Maybe you could also let them know how you feel about the NFL invading Canada with their help. (If enough people complain, I believe, a successful company such as Rogers just might listen.)

I can't in good conscience complain about free enterprise......the CFL has been around for a long time and will survive if it's run and marketed properly.......

I used to think that way, but now I'm all for free trade of everything

Just as free speech has limits (no yelling FIRE in a crowded theatre, for example) there are limits to free trade:

eg. ... index.html

I'm not saying that the NFL is an illegal activity, I am just using the above example to show that, in a free society, there can be limits on freedom for the common good. Perhaps you disagree with me that there should be any regulations, but try telling that to anyone who was recently fleeced out of their retirement nest egg by Goldman Sachs:

[url=] ... ldman.html[/url]

I don't care if the NFL comes to Toronto. I don't go for several reasons and its not because I support the CFL. My reason is cost and ability to have the gameday experience would be the 2. I for one don't think it would harm the CFL one bit if the CFL marketed itself right and properly scheduled games in the GTA (ie no sunday games.) The 2 essent co exsist anyways with Buffalo being so close. In fact i think it would be the NFL that fails due to ticket price and the inability to experience the game like you can in Buffalo. I personally would hate for B-lo to lose their team. I want them to stay put for my own shelfish reasons not for t he CFL.


Typical Big Smoker; United Statesean wanna be. Go home!

but there are obviously more NFL fans in Toronto than CFL fans!
You won't be missed by Rogers

It's just a smart business case for them, put their money where the fans are.......................remember last week................12,000 fans at the Rogers centre to watch the Argos and Ticats!!
50,000 plus when the Bills play in Toronto.

If Rogers was supporting the NFL in Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg I might be surprised but it doesn't surprise me in Toronto.
Lets stop worrying about Toronto, they will be gone in a few years

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Rogers Sportsnet just ramp up their CFL coverage. I think they deserve some respect for that, even if their motives aren't entirely what some of us might think they ought to be.

Another Rogers connection regarding their promoting the NFL is the recent firings at the FAN 590 which is owned by Rogers.

Both Mike Hogan and Tom Landry as well as Gord Stellick were very strong CFL supporters on the air, now they are gone.

For any and all who might be interested here is the only email response I have received to date (June 30) from Rogers (I have XXX'd out any and all personal identifiers)

Dear Mr. XXX,

Thank you for contacting the Office of the President. At Rogers we take
customer feedback very seriously and we are committed to offering the
highest customer satisfaction. I am working on your concerns and will be
in contact with you within 24hrs.

Should you have any questions or concerns in the meantime please feel
free to contact me directly at XXX or toll free at
XXX. I am in the office Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm.

Once again thank you for bringing this issue to my attention; and I will
be in contact with you shortly.

Thank you for your patience,

XXX XXX | Rogers Communications Inc. | Advisor | Office of the
President |

I also received one voice mail on my home phone, again of a generic nature. While I am not surprised at the lack of definitive answer to my complaint, I was hoping, just a little bit, for something more tangible. Oh well, I guess the little guy strikes out once again. I remain an optimist by nature though, and won't let this keep me from "tilting at windmills" in the future.