RE: Dunigan and coaching

Many of us feel that Matty could, if he chose to, have a successfull career in coaching. However, for matts sake, I hope he never makes that choice. After hearing about what he is still going through from the concussions, he just doesnt need the headaches of coaching. NO PUN INTENDED WHATSOEVER. Too damn serious for puns. Matt, if you are watching, dont do it.

Yea, and I gotta think that TSN is paying him decent money. I'm sure he's happy at TSN.

I've been lucky to meet Matt Dunigan. Seems like a great, passionate guy. He looks like he could still play in the CFL, he's that well in shape. Mind you, I think he's pretty happy at TSN. He's probably one of their best personalities when it comes to football.

I think any coach needs to earn his stripes and if Mat Dunnigan had wanted to coach bad enough he would have taken that path. I am not knocking him for choosing the money at TSN over a position coach position but it is a choice.

...he was head coach here in Calgary in, mmmm, 2004? 2003?...the year we went like 3-15 or something like that...problem was the Cardboard King of California as owner made Matty GM as well as HC...and I think he was our offensive coordinator as well, you know, why hire three guys when I can pay one guy....AND he had to play the CKofC's kid as our QB....what a gong show that was...I felt bad for MD because I'm sure he could've done better, it was the circus he was in that was the fault...

Good post ! We are very lucky that Matty chose to play in the CFL, and even luckier that he decided to stick around after his playing days were behind him.

Yeah. For a rookie coach that was a bad way to start. If he wants to get back into coaching I'd like to see him start at something like the Quarterback coach level. I bet he has a ton to offer a young QB, and it's a good place to start to work your way up the ranks.

I like the guy. His comments are usually insightful and he's got a bit of a quirky personality that ads some life to the broadcast. I'm glad he's sticking around.

If he went back to coaching I couldn't learn to grill from the road grill.

His players would be well fed :slight_smile: Can't but help him get "respect" :lol:

That wouldn't be good for the O-line. :o

Matt's cool. I usually enjoy his comments on the panel, and he isn't bad when he calls a game. :thup:

He would make a wonderful OC for the Riders when they can Doug Berry. Matt understands Durant and would provide valuable tutorship to our QB no to mention a more creative approach to offensive strategy.

I liked him on the play-by-play last season with Gord Miller and sure hope he does it again. :slight_smile:

matt is best in the booth since lancaster.

what a joy it is to watch classic games and hear lancasters voice.


Hated him as a player, love him as a broadcaster, the above included. :thup:

And he's certainly worth a "follow" on Twitter too. :thup: