RE: Duane Forde

Very interesting!

Interesting for sure. Duane is not only very articulate and well-spoken but also very has the experience of being a player for a number of years. Whatever Duane decides to do, he will be successful, he exudes a quiet confidence all the way.

All I can say is look at Desjardins! He was groomed to be a GM and failed miserably. The job is skill and luck combined into 1. Just because he was an ex-player with broadcasting experience doesn't make him a GM.

2 examples:
Matt Dunigan -fired after 1 year, some say he did a good job
Pinball -stepped up and did an amazing job coaching

You get the good with the bad. If they had signed Forbe I would have been okay with it.

In the end, I don't know! It's always hit and miss and everyone makes too big a deal about everything!