Re: Construction Cam at Tim Hortons Field

Is this plan "B" if it doesn't pass?

Carly Conway @carlyconwayCHCH · 19m
...Partially occupancy permit submitted last week, in effort to have Labour Day game in #HamOnt, as planned. No update on status of that yet

Carly Conway @carlyconwayCHCH · 20m
NEW: CFL source tells @CHCHNews they are exploring idea of delaying Labour Day #Ticats game to Tues Sept 2 at Rogers Centre. #HamOnt ...

so it really not a labour day game if it not on labour day and not in Hamilton . :roll:

Why would they even be exploring that … everyone is already under the impression the game will be at THF. Oh wait, because it seems every deadline ever set on this stadium cannot be met, I usually am not so negative but this piece of news would not be coming out if there wasn’t serious doubts about the permit being passed. Where there is smoke there is fire, especially when it comes to this stadium.

I pray to god I am wrong … this season sucks :thdn:

If this is true it means the CFL has safety concerns and doesn’t want to be liable if anything should happen.

And the Tiger cats had absolutely no back up plan if THF was not ready…

The league isn’t going to have any say over safety concerns. This is all about the City of Hamilton engineers/inspectors giving it the seal of approval.

This is not exactly the most reliable source.
But, the fact remains that if THF is not fit for occupancy for labour day, it is an option
The TiCats must have an option, just in case.
I am sure they also considered Western and Guelph as options also.

I would like to know if this is news, or if some reporter is palming off old information.

The occupancy permit for THF is completely out of the Ticats' control at this point. They need to have a plan B - the city inspectors are going to do a thorough and objective job of reviewing the facility, and if it does not meet minimum occupancy requirements, they will not sign off on the permit.

I would expect that, by this time, both the contractor and the city would have a good idea of deficiencies and what still needs to happen to meet those minimum standards. If the Ticats phoned the Rogers folks today, it is a very bad sign.

The way things have been going this season,it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. :roll: :thdn:
I have to agree with you 2EZ so far this season as compared to last, this season has definitely Sucked !!!
MY TOP 10 List

#1…losing 5 winnable games by a combined margin of 25 pts
#2…losing both 1rst and 2nd string QB’s to injury
#3…having an entire starting OL out with injuries
#4…losing our 1rst string rb
#5…being last once again in QB sacks
#6…leading the league in penalties
#7…only having 1 win going into the Labour Day Classic(against an expansion team)
#8…being basically homeless going on almost 2 years now (last game at Ivor Wynne-Sat Oct 27/2012)
#9…being led to believe that THF after many delays will be partially opened finally for the LDC after passing inspections
#10…and now hearing that maybe,just maybe that THF might NOT be available after all :? God I hope this is only a rumor!!!

I like everyone else in this forum,absolutely LOVE the Cats and bleed Black n Gold,but Holy Cow !!! This has been one
frustrating roller-coaster of a year so far,I’m still hoping and praying though that the team can reverse their fortunes in the 2nd half of this season and getting into THF on a permanent basis and finally having a place they can call home will IMO…
go a long way to achieving this goal. GO CATS GO !!!

I guess you have never worked or owned a business open to the public and been sued ?

Let me tell you, people will sue if they trip over a step or curb and it is not marked with a sign or painted yellow.

If someone was to get injured, they will sue the city, Tiger Cats, CFL and anyone else.

Saw a report that there is talk about delaying and moving the Classic to the Rogers Center on Tuesday Sept. 5th.
What a joke, That's all I got.

You’re missing the point, if the permit is approved then the league has no reason not to hold the game there. The league is not doing the inspections. But at same time, you’re half right, no one will step foot in this stadium if it is not safe, no one wants to be liable for a disaster situation, but that’s not because the CFL is intervening.

[b]I guess you have never worked or owned a business open to the public and been sued ?[/b]
The way you say this makes it sound like you have been in this type of situation multiple times ...

I can totally see this happening. I'm guessing the league & TSN are saying enough is enough. Are TV production facilities even ready? Is there a press box for guys to call the game? How many Sky-lifts/scissor lifts would they need to get cameras in position to cover the game?

Much bigger issues at hand than just 18,000 die hard Hamilton fans being able to muck it through a construction site for the labour day classic. It'd look like crap on tv with fenced off areas and piles of construction material and hard-pan dirt walkways etc. Thats even if they could get in on tv.

playing the game in T.O is fine, just bill the Ontario Government, hey maybe they will cancel THF :oops:

Either way now I am Not Going I am going to mac Game instead
Much cheaper and They have shot at winning

If they did use Rogers center what time would the game be played unfortunately i would not be attending as i would have to work

I believe the same thing, TSN can’t be waiting until the last minute where the game is going to be played and to get all their people and equipment in place.

My Guess is 7:30 PM TSN would want it Prime time

HAM leads the league in unnamed sources.

TSN isn't able to get into the stadium to start installing the miles of cable they need to put on a production this size.

They will need days to complete it, test the equipment etc.

And...from the look of it, the broadcast booth still has steel studs.

dear god no.

a Tuesday game for Labour day??!?!? may as well make it at 1pm to add the cherry on top. grrr!!!!!!!!!