re: Congratulations Jeremiah

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A real team effort sometimes leads to individual awards. I think that sums up the reason you were chosen as a top performer this week.

(Just don't throw your helmet at your OL like one of the other performers did. It really is unprofessional :wink: )


It is early on in his career but Jeremiah sometimes reminds me of Tom Clements. The size, running ability, arm strength, and patience were all Tommy traits. It's hard to believe Clements is 63 years old and still coaching with the Packers, as their O co-ordinator.
How nice is it to have 2 good experienced QBs on the roster? :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Why doesn't it say what the award is for...offensive player of the week? Also, how is Reilly winning an award this week?
What about a defensive player? I don't get it.

The league ditched the various categories - offensive, defensive, special teams, Canadian - in favour of top performers. Personally, I liked the old system too, as now it seems that special teams gets ignored.

As for why Reilly got #3 -

Reilly completed 32-of-42 passes (76.2 per cent), for 354 yards and three touchdowns.
Pretty good performance too. I almost wonder if he was injured on that sack by Pointer, causing his performance to drop. Wouldn't be the first time he kept playing hurt. (Also, getting injured didn't cost Ray his POTY award a few years back.)

Pretty good yes, experienced not quite. I think he is under 300 throws in his career still.

Why all the negativity about Masoli? I don't get it. :?
He just did what no other quarterback has done.

X2, Lenny!

Why do you think calling a player inexperienced is a negative comment?
A player only gains experience through playing. And Masoli has not played enough to be called an experienced QB.
Using a hockey player for an example. Connor McDavid is awesome. He is however inexperienced due to a lack of NHL games played. Doesn't make him better or worse.

Relax folks. I am far from a Masoli basher.

Different sports, different sorts.

No disrespect to McDavid. he will be wonderful, and achieve full potential one day.

So, too, will Masoli. I think this last game just gives a few clues of what he is capable of.

Its a by week, and we could sit Zac an extra week, against a "weaker" opponent, and ensure his knees are up to the task, and he's got the rust and the dust shaken off, and play this guy without many worries. Would not be the first "two Quarterback teams" in history, at that!

It would be kind of fun to start Masoli, and then at some random point like midway through the second quarter, bring Collaros out. Just to see the looks on the defence's faces.

Their first clue would be to see Zach on the depth chart, and their second would be to see him in pads and helmet on the sideline...

Not to mention seeing him warm up on sidelines. :rockin:

I’m guessing he dresses for a game before actually starting the next one. He’s already off the 6-game, so no downside (other than a nightmare scenario where the other two guys get hurt and Zach is forced to play more than desired).

The downside is that he would either take up an International roster spot (if dressed as the 4th QB), or dress as the 3rd QB for no discernible reason. If Zach dressed, he plays...

when a player is placed on the however many game injury list Collaros was placed on is there any advantage or disadvantage to the salary cap by pulling him off early?

If he doesn't go the full 6 games then his salary for all 6 games counts against the cap. If he goes the full 6 games then his salary (during the 6 games) does not count against the cap. I don't believe the 1 game list has a similar effect.

Congratulations Jeremiah!!

That was one of the best comeback victories in sports period and a total team effort, kudos on the Tiger-Cat players, coaches and staff for pulling that win out in Edmonton.

I'm looking forward to watching our next match up in Winnipeg Aug 3rd.


Congratulations to the Esks defense, you made Masoli look good and Thursday night you made Nichols and the Bombers look good. :smiley: :smiley:

And probably, by extension, saved O’Shea’s job, for now.

There is no way Zach dont play once hes dressed , as far as pads and helmet and warmups hes been doing it for about 2 weeks now, the moment hes cleared to play in full contact game he will start the reason for removing him was so get his legs back under him as he missed full camp so this is his camp atm